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Personalized Children’s Books: A Review of Kabook | Dedicated Review

The Children’s Book Review | December 11, 2019

Buy the BookWanted! The Girl Who Saved the Kingdom

Created by Kabook

Age Range: 4+

Hardcover: 38 pages

Publisher: Kabook

What to expect: Personalized Book, Fantasy, Excitement

You really can make your child the star of a story with Kabook’s picture book Wanted!—or another Kabook tale of your choice. First, you pick one of the five stories that are on their website, then upload a picture of your child and some personalized text, and then presto … your child is made the star of the story just like one of our very own kiddos was made the star of Wanted.

In a magic kingdom not so far away, a witch has cast a spell and an army of frogs is taking over the land. “It is said that only a child of great power can free the land from frogs.” The reader will be surprised to discover, by way of a full-page image, that they are indeed that special child! From that moment on, the reader’s name, hometown, favorite color, best friend’s name, and favorite activity are used within the story as the people of the kingdom search for this special child (your child) who will eradicate the frogs from the land. They venture through the castle kitchen, the Forbidden Forest, and fly high to a mountaintop. They encounter ogres, dragons, and even a wizard, before your special reader is discovered and the land is freed of frogs. The kingdom rejoices! That is until … the unexpected (and amusing) last page.

The story is exciting and fast-paced with it’s fun and engaging tone. With a believable Renaissance feel, the full-color illustrations depict the kingdom in an entertaining moment of mayhem; and, through the use of perspective, the reader gets to experience the story as an outsider with ‘wide-angle’ views and an insider when all of the book’s characters appear to be looking right at them, solidifying that they are indeed a true part of the story. The illustrator of Wanted, Erwin Madrid, worked on the Shrek franchise (you can certainly notice some resemblance in the illustrations).

Wanted! truly makes an ideal, personalized gift for any child age 4 and up— especially a child that likes to have a good time! Our guess is that even the most reluctant reader would have a good time reading this book.

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About the Publisher

Kabook is an independent publisher of personalized children’s books. By combining photo and text personalization, Kabook transforms the reading experience, making it more personal and more powerful. The Company’s goal is to instill a love of reading in young people.

For more information, visit: https://www.mykabook.com

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