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Captain Fingerman & the Boring Galaxy, by Matteo Moro | Dedicated Review

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Book and Comics Captain FingermanCaptain Fingerman & the Boring Galaxy

Written by Matteo Moro  

Illustrated by Mauro Moro  

Age Range: 8-12

Paperback: 110 pages 

Publisher: Independently published (October 12, 2019) 

ISBN-13: 978-1699343609 

What to expect: Comic Style, Aliens, Humor, Quirkiness

Have you ever heard a child say the words I’m bored? Well, this quirky, out-there graphic novel, written by eight-year-old Matteo Moro, has all the boring bases covered with characters standing in line, taking naps, and doing homework. Only Captain Fingerman (a two-finger guy that resembles an upside-down peace sign) has an experience that is anything but boring. If galactic adventures, graphic novels, and oddball storylines are your thing, be prepared to laugh your way through the Boring Galaxy with this new children’s book character that is like no other.

Captain Fingerman dons a spacesuit and travels the universe by way of a banana spacecraft. Sounds fun already, right? When he spots an asteroid from the Boring Galaxy, call him crazy, but he wants to explore. There will be traveling via a wormhole—whoosh!—with visits to the Bored Planet, followed by the Homework Planet, and more. He has loads of encounters with dastardly characters, including aliens and an evil monkey. The comic-style illustrations are colorfully entertaining—and by colorful, we also mean wacky. Readers are bound to enjoy the ‘How to Draw Captain Fingerman’ steps in the final pages. Also included are suggestions for drawing an array of expressive faces that readers will have spotted on the captain throughout the story.

If bananas, burps, bullets (made from bananas), and bad-mannered space bandits sound like an entertaining (if not slightly eccentric) combination, then you’d be right. It is highly unlikely that a reader will feel bored after reading Captain Fingerman & the Boring Galaxy. Speechless possibly, but definitely not bored!

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About the Author
Art and Graphic novel

Matteo & Mauro – The brain & the arm

Matteo Moro is an 8-year-old boy with a wild and vivid imagination. Born in Portugal to a Portuguese mother and an Italian father – two advocates of arts and creativity –  he spent most of his life in Singapore immersed in artistic activities that became part of his daily bonding with the parents. It stands obvious to even the most casual acquaintance that Matteo has inherited his parents’ creative flair and unbridled enthusiasm. Always curious about the world around him, he brings that learning and exploration to his stories, and to his books! He has an extensive collection of imaginary heroes and monsters for stories to come.

About the Illustrator

Mauro Moro is an architect, urban sketcher, illustrator and musician. Most of all, he is a proud dad and a talented artist who gave shape to his son’s dream of creating a book with his own adventure!  Born in Italy, he has lived in Spain and Portugal. He lives now in Singapore with his family, where good bonding moments are spent creating stories and laughing at Fingerman’s adventures. Their imaginary friend became the smallest member of the Moro family!

For more information, visit: www.fingermancomics.com

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