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Tawny Dog: The Bravest, by Jen Backman | Dedicated Review

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Book Tawny Dog the BraveTawny Dog: The Bravest

Written by Jen Backman

Age Range: 5-8

Hardcover: 42 pages

Publisher: Jen Backman Illustration (November 1, 2019)

ISBN: 978-1777000608

What to expect: Dogs, Facing Fears, and Thunderstorms

As the title suggests, Tawny Dog: The Bravest is a picture book, starring a dog, that tackles courage and fearlessness.

Tawny wasn’t always such a brave dog. When she was little, she experienced a severe thunderstorm that scared her. Her owner Jen held her tight and reassured her with a hug and a short explanation of what causes thunder. Jen taught her how to count to determine how far away the thunder is. Through this experience, Tawny discovered that not all things that seem scary require the worry. Now, she chases her fears down whenever she can. She can be found barking at planes, attacking the vacuum, chasing mice, and more.

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Author Jen Backman has created a pleasantly appealing tale for helping children overcome their fears. The use of creative onomatopoeia—”crackalaka”—helps soften the impact of the thunderstorm. The story arc is well-rounded as she demonstrates to readers that not all who seem brave have always been so. A little humor puts readers at ease when they discover that even with bravery, some things need to be learned the hard way—such as when Tawny is sprayed by a skunk she has chased.

It’s not always easy to face down one’s fears. Yet, thanks to friendly pet Tawny, this story highlights the power of bravery when we go forth and try anyway.

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To order the book directly from the author, visit https://tawnydogbook.com/.

About the Author
Jen Backman Headshot

Jen Backman

Jen Backman is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto. She works in a broad range of styles and mediums for corporate projects, editorial work, and comic books. She has had illustrations and poetry published in books, magazines, and websites. Writing and illustrating Tawny Dog: The Bravest was a book that Jen knew she wanted to do after her dog Tawny passed away. She wanted to honor her best friend’s memory while creating a story about facing fears through understanding. Jen hopes that others find comfort in this story.

For more information or to download free activity sheets, visit https://tawnydogbook.com/.

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