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Mommy Where Do Babies Come From Dedicated Review

Mommy, Where Do Babies Come From? | Dedicated Review

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Mommy Where Do Babies Come FromMommy, Where Do Babies Come From?

Written by Dr. Robert Roper

Age Range: 3 and up

Hardcover: 26 pages

Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1952320484

What to expect: Reproduction

With its mindful, straightforward, and comforting approach, Dr. Robert Roper’s Mommy, Where Do Babies Come From? introduces the concept of traditional reproduction in a manner that is ideal for preschoolers and up.

Sweet, active, precocious Sarah is curious about the world around her. She asks a lot of great questions, including:

“If chickens hatch from eggs, and
lizards and snakes also do
And if butterflies come from cocoons,
how did I come from you?”

Sarah’s mother explains how she was conceived from a degree of love between her parents, measured by combining their genes. Next is the poetic-like description of cell division, the beginning of the heartbeat, the formation of hands and feet, until a swaddled baby is resting in the mother’s arms, a blessing from God.

Dr. Robert Roper has delivered a book in which our youngest readers will indeed walk away feeling satisfied with their new knowledge of how a baby is formed. After the original description of conception is described as stemming from love and genes combining (depicted by a wedding picture of the girl’s mother and father), Dr. Roper has balanced scientifically accurate words such as amniotic fluid, womb, breast, and umbilical cord, with creative analogies that will appeal to a child’s imagination. Such as likening a baby to a mermaid, breathing beneath an amniotic sea. The adorable illustrations prudently and thoughtfully connect the scientific facts in a digestible way for the reader, adding so much charm and joy along the way.

The verdict: Mommy, Where Do Babies Come From? is a creative yet science-based, non-secular, age-appropriate picture book that answers the common childhood question with sensitivity and poise.

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About the Author
Dr Robert Roper

Dr. Robert Roper

Dr. Robert Roper is a physician for almost 13 years, a husband, and a father of one child. The combination of his love for family, poetry, and the birth of his inquisitive daughter, Elliana, inspired the conception of the words etched within. This book is dedicated to her.

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