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By placing a high value on reading you are growing lifelong readers. Reading is the core skill behind almost all facets of learning. Kids that read (or kids that are read to) daily from an early age perform better on their report cards—not to mention the improved relationship benefits from a snuggly reading session between parent and child. At The Children’s Book Review’s we receive hundreds of books each month to consider for review. We know kids have different interests and different lifestyles and we do our very best to showcase a diverse list of books for all ages:

Books for Babies and Infants and Toddler Age Children, Ages 0-3

Books for Preschool to Elementary School Age Children, Ages 4-8

Books for Pre-Teens and Tweens, Ages 9-12

Books for Teens and Young Adults, Ages 13+

The key to creating lifelong readers is parental involvement. The literacy journey is a continuous learning path—parents have the power to motivate children through example and by staying connected. Beyond helping kids select age appropriate books that peak their interests, there are many things parents can do to help create a healthy reading habit. For 10 tips on creating lifelong readers, you can check out our article Family Reading: Reading Together & Reading Aloud.

If you feel that we must know about one of your favorite books for kids, and you consider yourself an on-line socialite, you can send us suggestions on books for infants and toddlers through our Twitter handle, and share your most distinguished books on Instagram or Facebook with #thechildrensbookreview.  In the meantime, keep turning pages out there.

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Children's Books by Age

In Joshua Little and the Leaves, author Andrea Cluff has created an instant classic that will resonate with children and adults alike, particularly in these constantly changing times.

Join us on this virtual book tour for Cassie Hoyt's charming picture book Hatch!

From sweet to spooky and picture books to novels, we're excited to share with you our list of the best new Halloween books for kids.

Holly Hatam is the illustrator of the #1 New York Times bestsellers Dear Girl and Dear Boy, and now Dear Baby. Here she talks about why she makes art!

From color-themed board books, Spanish translations, enchanting illustrations, and zany interactions with crazy animals, here is a list of beautiful bilingual books (Spanish and English) for young readers.

Here's a new crop of audiobooks to engage you and your youngest listeners, ages 3-6+. 

Josh Funk is a software engineer and the author of books like the Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast series, including Short and Sweet.

From beloved author-illustrator Nicola Killen comes a charming autumnal story about a little girl who must return a lost kitten to its home, lovingly told and illustrated in limited color with lovely foil and interactive die-cut pages.

Hatch! provides a lovely introduction to the world of oviparous animals and lends itself well to a group or lap-time reading.

Mandy's Pet Shop: A Pet Shop for Monsters is a zany, zippy picture book bound to amuse readers and encourage them to keep an open mind.

If one were to look back at this historical moment, this book would be a beautiful reminder that your family used this time to heal. And the People Stayed Home is a pandemic must-have!

Wahoo! This month the best selling picture book from our affiliate store is a book near and dear to our hearts, Don't Wake the Dragon.

A set of Jump on the Bump would make an excellent choice for a classroom of beginner readers, as well as being a fantastic choice for at-home reading practice. Highly Recommended.

We're so excited to get roaring along with Bianca Schulze's DON'T WAKE THE DRAGON!

There are plenty of meaningful, educational, and social-emotional benefits to sharing personalized stories with kids. We've highlighted five of them here.

Kataneh Vahdani is a children’s book author and illustrator. Kat and Juju is her first picture book series. 

This month the best selling picture book from our affiliate store is a book featured in our list 5 Books for Teaching Your Kids About Body Safety and Consent:

For our tenth installment of the “Learn to Draw on TCBR” series, director, storyteller, professor, and mama bird Kataneh Vahdani teaches us how to draw both Kat and Juju from their namesake picture book Kat and Juju.

Schulze and Hardy make a dynamic duo, pairing the best of charming prose and illustrations to excellent effect. Full of laughs, singing, and a few wiggles, DON’T WAKE THE DRAGON is a fantastic addition to a child’s library.

Designed to be read aloud and interacted with, parents will take pleasure in the playful text as much as children will enjoy gently rocking the book from side to side as they sing the dragon a lullaby.

Octobo's Big City Adventure is a surefire pick that will immerse young readers in storytelling and both creative and critical thinking. Highly Recommended!

Each year, the American Library Association (ALA) announces the Randolph Caldecott Medal, the award given to the most distinguished American picture book for children. Here is the list of 2021 award winners.

Each year, the American Library Association (ALA) announces the John Newbery medal, the award given to the most outstanding contribution to children's literature. Here is the list of 2021 award winners:

Bianca Schulze is the author of Don't Wake the Dragon and Who Loves the Dragon?, as well as the founder and editor of The Children's Books Review —a resource devoted to children's literature and literacy.

Filled with vibrant, colorful illustrations and simple, powerful, repetitive language, The First Rock Star on Mars reminds readers that, far from being impossible, amazing achievements happen every day.

Captain Fantastic acknowledges and indulges in the irresistible nature of candy while also reminding readers of the immediate downsides of overindulging.

In this interview with Vivian Kirkfield, we talk about her latest non-fiction book, From Here to There: Inventions That Changed the Way the World Moves.

In this interview, Jarrett J. Krosoczka talks about the highlights from his career, what he hopes readers will take away from reading his books, and his highly entertaining new YouTube series.

Favorite Visit to Papa’s Farm is a story with many themes: the joy of family; the slow march of change and the inevitable turn of the seasons; and the pleasure of making, learning, and doing things for oneself.

Mommies Work is an enjoyable read with an empowering and positive message despite its apparent simplicity.

AudioFile editors have chosen these five audiobooks to engage young listeners from ages 4-6 (and up) and their families.

WHO LOVES THE DRAGON is sure to be your child’s new favorite book! Highly recommended.

This selfie of Joanna Ho was taken exactly one week before EYES THAT KISS IN THE CORNERS was released into the world.

Join us on this virtual tour for the heartfelt picture book I Miss You Most, by author Cassie Hoyt.

Join us on this virtual book tour for the adorable picture book Who Loves the Dragon? by bestselling author Bianca Schulze and illustrator Samara Hardy.

Harrison Waits is a wonderful story about a young boy who is anxiously waiting for … what? See how Harrison patiently passes the time while he anticipates the arrival of something special he has been looking forward to for a long time.

Join us on this virtual book tour for The Sea in Winter by award-winning author Christine Day.

Happy Love Sprinkles is a charming picture book that makes a thoughtful gift for any young reader who may be shy or needs a little help to find meaningful friendships.

Guardian of the Groceries celebrates the power of imaginative play and its ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. It’s a fun story for bored young readers everywhere.

A Day of Pride emphasizes this message: that everyone deserves to love, be loved, and be themselves. Told through simple, rhyming couplets, the story itself is about inclusiveness, acceptance, and joy.

Scruffy: Our Loyal Pandemic Pooches and the Good, the Bad, and the Crazy Haircuts We Gave Them would make a lovely gift for any dog-loving family.

AudioFile's best children's audiobooks of 2020 and family listening list includes something for kids of all ages, from little listeners to middle-school kids.

A list of ten yummy cookbooks for kids! The idea of encouraging life-skills and healthy eating habits through sharing kid-friendly recipes makes us so happy.

Six fun Star Wars books for kids that we know you'll love as much as we do. The force is strong in these ones!

Each year a flurry of new Christmas books deck the shelves! Here are our favorites of the year—the best new Christmas books of 2020!

From timeless to fun-to-use to feelgood, these unique gifts for kids, teens, and adults are perfect for giving to any book lovers in your life. We have put together a list of books and goodies that will make hearts sing.

Wildly funny and inventive, this interactive book pulls you, the reader, into the action. Yes, YOU!

YOU, the reader, are the star of the Mightier Than the Sword books. Your survival is not guaranteed. Grab a pencil to write and draw your way through the suspenseful peril in these witty, pun-filled novels.

Recently, a selection of new books was published, giving some perspective of Mister Rogers to the young and old. An entire generation has yet to be introduced to such a gentle-man.

Entertaining and engaging, the Reading Eggs platform is genuinely egg-cellent! It is great for homeschooling families and an excellent supplement for any in-person and remote school learners.

This month, the book that tops off the best-selling middle-grade book list from our affiliate store is a book we featured in Three Kids Books That Explain the United States Constitution To Kids (and Their Grown-Ups): The Constitution Decoded by Katie Kennedy.

Debut author Sean March's Little Wade and Watchtower is a dark, dangerous, and wholly exciting new series for middle grade readers.

Middle-grade listeners connect with many topics that touch their lives. In this month’s selections, we feature our standout listening recommendations for tweens ages 8 to 12.

From sweet to spooky and picture books to novels, we're excited to share with you our list of the best new Halloween books for kids.

With a list of picture books and board books in the double digits, Sherri is making her chapter book debut with the sweet and funny Revver the Speedway Squirrel (Bloomsbury Children’s). It’s a fantastic segway from picture books to chapter books, especially for animal lovers and young revheads!

Get to know Lorena from Award-winning author Cynthia Kadohata’s Saucy, an irrepressible and heartwarming story about a girl and her ever-growing pig.

In Boon On The Moon, the first book from The Booniverse, John extends his love of sci-fi/fantasy into storytelling for the page instead of the screen. We chatted with him about the story, his writing process, and the entertaining characters. Read on!

Boon on the Moon is a well-plotted sci-fi novel that feels authentically futuristic and will surely appeal to space-obsessed kiddos and those that love an exhilarating adventure.

An understanding of the United States Constitution—and the amendments—will provide them with fuel for getting involved and making a difference. The following books offer up digestible information.

This month, the book that tops off the best selling middle-grade book list from our affiliate store is New Kid by award-winning creator Jerry Craft.

Bradley's Dragons is an excellent choice for readers who enjoy thought-provoking, thrilling, and suspenseful fantasy stories!

Our Friendship Matters is punctuated by a message of hope that there is a future and a way forward through the problem of racial injustice.

Read these stories written by black voices. Read them with your children and teens and start a conversation so that we may have hope for an undivided future in which all communities feel safe.

Young adult literature is powerful on audio. From full-cast productions to sensational author narrations, audiobooks provide a new way of connecting to these works.

Karen Benke has a handwritten letter + envelope surprise subscription for kids, to get them interested in snail mail.

The Words of the Wandering is the third compelling book in author D.E. Night’s The Crowns of Croswald series. Royalty, dragons, a battle of magic quills, and a growing darkness are elements bound to capture fans of the fantasy genre.

The Wizenard Series: Season One is an inspiring, encouraging, and must-read novel for any baller or sports enthusiast!

This month, the book that tops off the best selling middle-grade book list from our affiliate store is the 1945 Newbery Honor winner

Eat the Cake is an inspirational and joyful treat for readers of all ages and we have the scoop (an interview à la mode, if we may).

Award-winning author Leslie Connor's new novel, A Home for Goddesses and Dogs, is the story of an eighth-grader who has recently lost her mother and is working through her grief with the support of her aunt and the help of a rascally rescue dog.

In addition to her lifelong acting career, Danica McKellar is an internationally-recognized mathematician and advocate for math education.

We know a good book when we see one. In 2019, we saw 14 of them that we're happy to call the best young adult books of 2019!

In our list of the best kids chapter books and novels of 2019—perfect for ages 6 through 14—you'll find a fantastic and colorful selection of realism, historical fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, and even a joke book!

I recommend reading the following Holocaust stories with your children. As I said above: We must not forget. We must remember. And we must not repeat!

We talked to Danielle Svetcov about why she chose to write this particular story, as well as discussing some of her favorite children's books, and also got some hot tips for aspiring authors.

Danielle Svetcov's Parked will appeal to readers of books like Dan Gemeinhart's The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise and Katherine Applegate's Wishtree.

Are you looking for some gift ideas for the writer, bookworm, book club friends, or the lover of literature in your life? The following are some of our personal favorite finds!

It brings us so much delight to share some of our absolute favorite collectible books! There is something so insanely special about receiving a beautiful boxed set of books.

Here are some new Harry Potter books and gifts for your favorite Potterhead.

The subscription ideas we have for you here range from a monthly audiobook subscription to a monthly gift-wrapped book box subscription to annual subscriptions to our favorite educational apps. These are unique gifts that will definitely earn you cool-status with the recipient.