By Luisa LaFleur, The Children’s Book Review
Published: May 28, 2010

The path to self-discovery is a difficult topic, and an arduous journey. As parents, it’s one we face in determining our role with regard to our children but it’s also one we’re confronted with when our children reach adolescence. As they grow and begin to pull away from us, we’re obliged to try and guide them on the right path. Looking back, as I often do when I write these posts, I remember how my parents tried to guide me and the many times that I didn’t listen. The urge to resist them was greater than the urge to do the right thing-it’s something I’m not too proud of but I recognize it’s a right of passage and I’ll likely see similar behavior from my own children. And yet, I still harbor the vain hope that my children will be different. That their adolescence will be less turbulent because my relationship with them is different, and more evolved than in the previous generation. Perhaps it’s just wishful thinking.

I recently received two books that tackle the topic of self-discovery from a Native American point of view. They are geared to older children and pre-teens and the lessons they impart are valuable and timeless.

Jennifer Swanson, Award Winning Author Of The Penny and Rio Series, Celebrates Childrens Book Week With Curriculum Giveaway

Jennifer Swanson Headshot

Jennifer Swanson’s award winning Penny and Rio early chapter book series features interactive books that lead to exceptional learning. To celebrate National Children’s Book Week, she will be offering a curriculum giveaway. She also announces the release of the third book in the series, Penny and Rio: The Diamond Collar Adventure.

[May 6, 2010, Jacksonville FL] To celebrate National Children’s Book Week, Jennifer Swanson, author of the award winning Penny and Rio Series, will be offering a free copy of her curriculum suggestions to anyone who purchases a copy of  Penny and Rio: The Mysterious Backyard Meeting from her website.  Designed by the author, Jennifer Swanson, M. S. Ed., the packet includes exciting and interesting ideas for how to use the Penny and Rio books in traditional or homeschool classrooms.  Provoking discussion questions, interactive role-playing assignments, even suggestions of similar books for text-to-text connections will engage students and get them thinking like the dynamic canine detectives.

By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: May 21, 2010

Exciting news: Eric Carle’s classic story, The Very Hungry Caterpillar, is available as a BILINGUAL First Book Marketplace Special Edition exclusively through the First Book Marketplace—an online store selling high-quality children’s books and educational materials at deeply discounted prices to registered organizations serving children from low-income families.