By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: June 25, 2010

A simple crowd pleaser: Superhero books!

Boys eat these books up. And, you may or may not be surprised, a lot of girls do, too.

I’ve only provided the publisher’s synopsis below, but mark my word, these books feature the classic characters and their usual good-guy-bad-guy anecdotes. I love that Wonder Woman makes an appearance. Some of the books have been made into level 2 readers for the kids that are gaining confidence with independent reading (some help may be needed). Putting a superhero book into the hands of a beginner reader is a great way to nudge them into the early-fluent reading stage—especially when you build them their own personal bat cave to read in (bat cave à la pillows and blankets). Holy books, Batman!

In C.J. in a Pickle, author Robert Bauer introduces us to C.J., a highly imaginative and cheeky young boy. C.J. comes home from school and his mother notices that something is amiss. C.J. thinks that if he tells the truth he'll get into bigger trouble

A new book for older children, Remembering Oakley, by Carl J. Schutt, tells the story of Jacob and his beloved dog, Oakley. When Jacob's mother tells him it's time to put Oakley down, Jacob struggles to understand why.