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New Illustrated Children’s Book About Overcoming Fear of Water

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The Children’s Book Review | August 28, 20

The Magic Mask is a beautifully illustrated magical children’s book about a young girl who overcomes her fear of water and enters the magnificence of the underwater world, where she learns about her sacred role as a steward to the planet. The main character, Jade, meets new friends and gains a new understanding of earth and all of her inhabitants.

The Magic Mask is focused for readers six to ten years old. Older readers who are young at heart, will also enjoy the fantasy of Jade’s adventure. This book has received enthusiasm and positive feedback from many young readers, teachers and parents. This enjoyable book takes children on a delightful fantasy story as the theme of the book, trust, friendship, fantasy, fun and caring for the planet, unfold. Time after time The Magic Mask is read, new learning and insights will be discovered.

This book is 26 pages with eight pages of illustrations. It is available as a paperback from Amazon, and can be ordered from Barnes and Noble, Chapters/Indigo, and other leading bookstores and from your local bookstore.

Pamela Stadnyk’s first book is a must for young readers. As an author, Pamela knows how to engage children and knows what they want to read. Her philosophy has always been to encourage creative and independent thinking, and to encourage following one’s dreams. She is passionate about guiding children to reach their full potential and to thrive as individuals.

This author grew up in Saskatchewan and eventually moved to Vancouver, B.C. She eventually settled in   White Rock B.C., a small city by the sea. Her studies led her to a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing and then a Master’s Degree in Education. During her years of study, Pamela discovered writing to be onerous and one of her least favorite aspects about education. She was sure she would never write again.

Pamela retired from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Faculty of Health. How writing a children’s book landed on her Retirement Bucket List, remains a mystery. Pamela is currently working on her second book about Jade. She writes short stories for adults and shares her unique perspective about life on her blog. She invites you to visit her site at PamelaStadnyk.com and on her Facebook page.

The Magic Mask by Pamela StadnykThe Magic Mask

Written by Pamela Stadnyk

Publisher’s Synopsis: When Jade overcomes her fear of water, she finds herself in an underwater world of wonder. She meets amazing new friends and is told a story about the earth she is sure to not forget.

Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Pamela Stadnyk | 2016 | ISBN-13: 978-1987985917

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About Pamela Stadnyk

Pamela Stadnyk

Pamela Stadnyk

Pamela grew up in Saskatchewan and moved to B.C as a young adult where she studied nursing and eventually received a MEd in education. She recently retired from the Faculty of Health at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. She currently lives in White Rock B.C.  Writing her first book, “The Magic Mask” was on her post retirement “bucket list”. She is unsure how writing a children’s landed on the list, Pamela has(d) a strong dislike for writing, but her creativity flowed unrestrained from her fingers to her laptop. Pamela is planning her second book.

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