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Liv on Life: Going to the Park, by Elizabeth Gorcey | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Bowie Books, LLC
The Children’s Book Review | September 15, 2016

cover-going-to-the-park-2Going To The Park: Liv On Life

Written by Elizabeth Gorcey

Illustrated by Kajiah Jacobs

Age Range: 3-6

Hardcover: 32 pages

Publisher: Bowie Books, LLC

ISBN: 978-0989208307

What to expect: Picture Book, Dogs, Technology, Being Present

Author Elizabeth Gorcey believes that the process of creating something serves as nourishment for the soul. In this short and sweet picture book that serves as a reminder to be present, she very ably shows her desire to be creative and to nourish the soul.

Going to the Park is the first book in a series about a young girl, Liv, and her dog Bowie. Liv lives with her mom, dad, and Bowie (who is also her best friend), and she loves the color pink. Liv and Bowie want to go to the park, but Liv’s parents are just too busy to play and they are surrounded by multiple technology devices and paperwork. Bowie and Liv entertain themselves until Liv manages to gently persuade her parents to put aside their work and head to the park.

Kajiah Jacob’s illustrations are soft and sweet providing a gentle setting for Liv’s home life. Using minimal color, the splashes of mostly brown and pink really help to draw focus to Bowie and Liv, highlighting Liv’s love of the color pink. Gorcey uses minimal text to great effect and Jacob’s illustrations paint a thousand extra words that expand the meaning of each page. The illustration showing Mom and Dad busy in their office effectively sets the tone with flying papers, a myriad of cords, and Mom’s face shows a subtle amount of stress, while Dad puts a quiet finger to his mouth to motion shh, and Bowie looks on with a forlorn expression.

Bowie and Liv are a great reminder to live in the moment. Going to the Park is a book for every family that needs a little reminder to put down devices and to get outside together. The book itself is hardcover with high quality thick pages that are a pleasure to turn—and the end pages are pleasingly decorated with plenty of Liv’s favorite things. This book is sweetly enjoyable and its mindful message is one that most western families can and should take on board.

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About Elizabeth Gorcey

Elizabeth Gorcey has devoted her life to the pursuit of art that intrigues her, stories that compel her, and the elevation of authentic voices that must be heard. In her personal and professional lives she has pursued a number of outlets for her boundless creative energy, focusing on those passions which best allow her to entertain, support, explore, and nourish. Acting, directing, producing, painting, working in documentary, narrative and multi-media…Gorcey has followed her instincts to become a true creative force to be reckoned with. As she simply states, “Creating is nourishment for my soul.” This genuine, creative imperative has led to Gorcey’s newest adventure—the children’s book series LIV ON LIFE told from the perspective of her own daughter, Olivia!

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About Kajiah Jacobs

Children’s book illustrator and artist, Kajiah Jacobs, began the concept art and draawings for the LIV ON LIFE (LOL) book series in 2013. In addition to illustrating art for children’s books, Kajiah also paints murals on the walls of Los Angeles museums. Born and raised in Hollywood, California, Kajiah studied art at UCLA and the American Animation Institute in Burbank. He was inspired to draw and paint at a young age by his mother who was an artist and often used him and his sister as her art subjects.

For moe information visit: KajiahJacobs.com

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