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OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!, by Cathleen Francisco | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Cathleen Francisco
The Children’s Book Review | October 12, 2016

oh-the-things-you-can-see-in-the-darkOH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!

Written by Cathleen Francisco

Pictures by Cathleen Francisco

Age Range: 3 and up

Hardcover: 36 pages

Publisher: Self-published

ISBN: 978-1364877453

What to expect: Photography, Nighttime, Animals

As the title of this photographic picture book suggests, OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark! is an exploration of the magic that nighttime can bring. The author’s unique point of view is uncommon for most children’s books, and it will elicit a curiosity amongst young readers, as the pages show scenes that bring out the beauty and magic of the dark sky.

OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!

Accompanying each photo page are two written sections. The first is a short description of the picture. This description is geared toward the younger reader and includes questions related to each photo. These questions encourage the curious young person to think about their own world (“What animals come out in the night where you live? Can you see them? Do you hear them?”), and also encourage more evaluation of the photo (“Can you find the blue frog?”).

OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!The longer text section that is aligned with each photo provides a more in-depth dialog describing the history or background of the photo, targeting the more advanced reader. These more detailed paragraphs give the advanced reader factual information regarding the topic of the photo, making this book appropriate for even the most curious adult.

While the text throughout the book is important, this book’s main attraction is the striking photography. Using her camera and Photoshop, Cathleen Francisco’s pictures, which are sometimes the combination of over 50 elements, provide a new and bright experience that will draw in young readers with vivid colors that pop off of the dark pages. The style of the photography is very easy for a young audience to find appealing, and the bold images will leave a lasting impression on all who turn the pages.

OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!

This book would be well suited for young pre-readers and younger readers looking for a different point of view on the world they have begun to explore. The book would also be ideal for those readers that are intrigued by nighttime topics.

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About Cathleen Francisco


Cathleen Francisco

A young friend of mine suffered terribly with night terrors, her fear of the dark so intense that even the simplest of pleasures, like going to a movie or camping under the stars, were terrifying prospects. No words could be found to alleviate her fears, because to her, the dark was an unsafe place, void of beauty and mystery. I started to think about the dark and what it meant to me. Yes, it could be scary, but what about all those things made more beautiful in the absence of light, all the life that exists beyond our sight and how busy and colorful the night truly is? That was the dark I wanted my young friend to see.

The idea for my children’s book about the night began to emerge, and the tools at hand — my camera and Photoshop — became the method of illuminating my vision. The imagery came before the text, but it was the reading and research that helped shape the illustrations for my book. In some instances, like Moonbows, it was a new discovery. Really? Moonbows exist? I had to recreate that, even if it was just for me. What led to one curious discovery led to another, and another, and now there is a book called OH!The Things You Can See In The Dark!.

Recognized with honorable mentions in the San Francisco and New York Book Festivals, OH!’s appeal reaches out to all ages and interests. Not just a book about the dark but a book of curious discoveries and adventures into the night.

For more information, visit: CatFrancisco.com

Dedicated Reviews allow authors and illustrators to gain prompt visibility for their work. Cathleen Francisco, the author and photographer of “Oh! The Things You Can See in the Dark!,” sponsored this non-biased review. Learn more about getting a book review …

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  • I must admit, when looking for a book to read to my small kids, I look for one that can visually keep their attention over the story line. Until they are old enough to read themselves, they are more interested in the pretty pictures. This book caught my attention right away. I learned a few things myself. The author gives just enough fun facts for a young mind to retain and my little one likes to look for things from the book when its dark out. He still has a fear of frogs, but he reminds me that the blue frog sees the reflection of the same moon that we look for in the night sky.
    In my opinion, this could be a reference for art teachers as well. Teenaged students with any interest in photography could be very inspired by the techniques the author has used. It is creative and imaginative. I love it.

    October 20, 2016
  • Exquisite imagery!!! Cathleen Francisco illuminates those things we don’t see in the dark that are sometimes scary to little ones. By seeing, and exploring what’s there beyond the veil of night time, we all make a closer connection with the world around us.
    But back to her images! Cathleen uses a very time intensive process for taking her original photographs and digitally manipulating and transforming what are already stunning moments in time, into magical moments existing in a realm of their own. You want to look deeper; you want to know more about those fireflies; you want to find that black cat (we know he’s there somewhere). I wish every preschool, daycare, elementary school, library everywhere could have this book available. Better yet – get your very own copy!

    October 20, 2016
  • What a visual treat to see the unique images as they “tell a story.” I love this book, everything about it is exquisite. I especially appreciate that the book crosses the ages to be enjoyed by a vast audience, not only for children. Bravo to Cathleen Francisco for this amazing feat. I look forward to what she publishes next!

    October 21, 2016
  • There are several aspects of this book that are amazing. The pictures are incredible; each a work of art. The text is both
    educational and enjoyable information for children and adults. I sent a copy to my granddaughter,and it quickly became
    a “favorite”. Now I can order many more,knowing this is the perfect book for an exceptional gift for all ages.

    October 22, 2016
  • As a Psychiatrist, I am always looking for books as guides to help clients through difficult times. When I first read this book I thought what an amazing tool to help children not fear the dark, but also embrace some of the beauty of the night. My children are initially drawn to the vibrant pictures, as was I. Then the text took over, educating not only the child buy also the adult.
    I always encourage reading as a form to start a dialogue and it helps many parents and teachers find a common ground for discussions to begin, from there they drift into other important aspects of life.
    The Photos are an amazing art form in and of themselves. One that I will never fully comprehend but can appreciate the stages and resultant vibrant beauty.
    I strongly encourage this as an addition to any home,and have begun giving copies to classrooms as early as kindergarten, all teachers have given similar excellent feedback.
    There are so many topics I would like you to cover next…….

    October 23, 2016
  • As an interior designed I was very impressed with the photo process that lead to these brilliant photos. I placed it on a coffee table and was amazed at the results. Patrons loved the imagery but all went on to discuss the dialogue,, what they learned and how they wanted the book for some child in their life. I see this as a best seer if it can get into the right promoters hands. It should be in all classrooms Preschool-8th, then 8th through 12th in art class for photo manipulation……Much to learn…

    October 23, 2016
  • “Oh! The Things You Can See In The Dark!” is a uniquely creative book offering photographs with beautiful
    visual effects that are truly a work of art! The text below the photographs asks simple questions designed to engage the readers in their discovery of what is in the pictures. On the left facing page is a wealth of information about the subject. Not only did I learn many things but I found it to be a very resourceful way to elevate the conversation with a child. I strongly recommend this book for children of all ages and anyone capable of a child’s imagination!

    October 24, 2016
  • “OH! The Things You Can See In The Dark!” is a fascinating book that I am having a hard time keeping on the shelves in the school library. The students love the stunning pictures and are intrigued by the information they learn with each page. As an educator it is refreshing to see this new concept in a children’s book. I truly hope there are more to come.

    October 25, 2016

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