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The Mystery of the Lost Plant, by Anaahita Chauhan | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Neeti Adish Chauhan
The Children’s Book Review | November 10, 2016

The Mystery of the Lost PLantThe Mystery of the Lost Plant

Written by Anaahita Chauhan

e-book: 25 pages

Age Range: 7+

Publisher: Self-Published

ISBN: 978-1539170242 and 978-9948-23-220-9

What to expect: Children, adventure, fantasy, magic.

Anaa and Haana are two sisters who love nature. Their grandparents give them special plants, and when one plant goes missing, their grandparents replace it. But the new plants hold a magical secret – they produce a beautiful butterfly. And it’s no ordinary butterfly. It creates a door to a special, enchanted world where Queen Dazzle, a butterfly, has a palace. While in this magical world Anaa and Haana adventure through a spooky Screaming Tunnel, fight their way into the Talking Flowers Kingdom, and enter a House of Secrets with a wicked witch.

This is a highly imaginative book written by eight-year-old author, Anaahita Chauhan. She’s a student in the United Arab Emirates who wants to create books for children, by children. I’d say she’s well on her way in the creativity department! The book has been professionally illustrated and is cute and bright. Her characters are fun and the sisters clearly love each other deeply. Their relationship, much like that of the sisters in the Disney hit movie Frozen, illustrates the depth of feeling that siblings can have for one another. What lucky little girls!

The young author’s tender age and innocence come through in this tale. While THE MYSTERY OF THE LOST PLANT may have a few grammatical and spelling errors in line with her age, the creativity of this young author shines through. Anaahita Chauhan is a very talented and imaginative child and an inspiration to young, aspiring authors everywhere. Her effort and enthusiasm shine through her tale. She and her parents should be very proud of her efforts and achievement in creating this story.

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About the Author

Anaahita Chauhan

Anaahita Chauhan

Anaahita was born in India about eight years ago. She spent the most part of her life living in the UAE. Currently, she studies in the United Arab Emirates. Few things that have always been closer to Anaahita’s heart are books, books and more books. Ever since the very early stages of her life, her parents have always found her being surrounded by books. Her favorite corner in every toy store has always been the ‘Books Corner’. She is an ardent reader and writer. Her writing journey began with documenting her daily thoughts and experiences. Soon, she discovered an immense energy within herself which often leads into the outburst of ideas full of adventure, magic, fantasy, thrill and fiction. Her writing is an epitome of her stretched creativity and clear logical thinking. Anaahita intends to bring diversity to the world of literature by bringing in children’s book written by children. Her message to all the children is not only to start reading and writing, but also to let them know that they don’t have to wait till they grow up to start working towards achieving their dreams. They must actually start today, so they gain experience and expertise by the time they grow up. With this intent, Anaahita also spoke to her school mates in her school assembly where she provided information on how children could write their own books. Additionally, she has also taken her book to more and more children in the UAE through reading sessions and book fairs to let other children know about the benefits of reading and writing. Her larger aim is to increase the interest and love for, and to provide access to, good books to every child in this world.

Anaahita was also featured in one of the leading newspapers in the UAE for being an author at a young age of 8 years. She has also written another short story recently which is an inspirational story of a journey of a child to help him realize his own unique identity and independence. Other than writing books, Anaahita also enjoys singing, swimming and playing tennis. Her best friend is her younger sister, and she enjoys her weekends lazing around with her sister at home or doing some outside adventure activities together.

Anaahita’s Author Page | Facebook | Twitter

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