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The Butterfly Garden, by Laura Weston | Book Review

The Children’s Book Review | August 24, 2017

The Butterfly GardenThe Butterfly Garden

Written and Illustrated by Laura Weston

Age Range: 0-4

Publisher: Big Picture Press (2017)

ISBN: 978-0-7636-9317-6

What to Expect: Nature, Butterflies, Flowers, Lift-the-Flap.

From egg to caterpillar, cocoon to mating, and back to egg and new hatchlings, this book follows the journey of the monarch butterfly as it moves through the stage of its life journey. With its striking black and orange wings, the monarch butterfly is one of the most iconic insects in nature; Laura Weston’s new lift-the-flap exploration invites readers to get up close, bringing these magnificent creatures to vivid life.

What is immediately striking about this book is the use of simple, almost modernist black-and-white illustration to depict the natural world. These stark images combine simplicity with intricate detail in a way that younger readers will find both easy to navigate and interpret, and intriguing to explore. From these stark images, the bright colors hidden beneath the flap are a burst of excitement, bringing the butterflies to life almost as if they had just emerged from hiding.   The text throughout the volume is limited to simple noun phrases: “a feast” or “a journey”; the simplicity compliments the illustrations nicely. A final point to note is that the book itself is reassuringly sturdy, with thick board pages and flaps which belie the delicate lines of the illustration, helping the volume to stand up to the attentions of younger, rougher readers. It is, perhaps, worth noting at the same time that the black-and-white simplicity fairly cries out for the attentions of a box of crayons, and few budding artists are likely to be able to withstand the temptation to embellish this volume for long …

Overall, I enjoyed The Butterfly Garden as a reading experience with my excited three-year old son, and I am sure you will too!

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About the Author-Illustrator

Laura Weston lives by a marine lake, where oyster catchers dabble and boats bob. She likes the ocean, but she really loves drawing and painting anything with wings, petals, leaves, feathers, or fur! This is her first picture book. When she’s not making art, she likes to teach others all about it.

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Jen Harrison currently teaches English Composition and Composition Skills at East Stroudsburg University. She completed her PhD in Children's and Victorian Literature at Aberystwyth University in Wales, in the UK. There she also acted as an instructor teaching undergraduate courses on literature and literary theory, as well as further education courses on Children's Literature and Creative Writing. After a brief spell in administration, Jen then trained as a secondary school English teacher, and worked for several years teaching Secondary School English, working independently as a private tutor of English, and working in nursery and primary schools as a substitute teacher. After moving from the UK to the USA in 2016, Jen is very happy to have returned to higher education. Her current research focuses on three primary areas in the field of children’s literature: reader-writer relationships, thing-theory, and the supernatural; she is a reviewer for the International Research Society for the Study of Children’s Literature (IRSCL), as well as the Children's Book Review. Jen also writes an academic blog on Children's Literature, Worrisome Words: http://quantum.esu.edu/faculty/jharrison/. You can also find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jennifer.harrison.73594

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