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2 Board Book Series That Satisfy Wanderlust Without Boarding a Plane

The Children’s Book Review | November 11, 2017

Vacation with your Toddler without the Stress and Headaches

These board books will take them around the world!

Simply, as an educator and a mother, both of these series are wonderful! They offer the same experience to the reader through different perspectives. These board books are not only good for toddlers, but for beginner readers as well, as they travel the world without having to leave their bedroom. Let the dreaming begin!

My Little Cities Series

In the My Little Cities series, Jennifer Adams and Greg Pizzoli have teamed up to introduce worldwide cities (London, Paris, New York, and San Francisco) and their buildings and landscapes that are famously recognized. Each full page picture of the notable landmark is complimented with 2-3 description words.   For instance, Pizzoli illustrates Buckingham Palace is with the Union Jack Flag flying high atop the palace with the Queen’s Guard standing watch. On the opposite page it reads “Change the Guard.” The words are in large font and are easy to understand. It gives the reader a sense of understanding to what that city offers.

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Ages 2-4 | Chronicle Books


City Monsters Series

In contrast, the City Monsters series, takes on a slightly different approach, but with the same intentions. Anne Paradis (famed author of the Caillou series) and illustrator, Lucile Drouot highlight popular cities from the perspective of little monsters. Drouot created double page spreads that hide a certain number of monsters within each colorfully detailed popular attractions and sights around the city in these “Search and Find Books.” Paradis adds the short snippet of factual text for each one as readers can discover what each tourist spot has to offer – from Times Square in NYC to the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

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Ages 3+ | Chouette Publishing

*Header image from My Little Cities: London, written by Jennifer Adams and illustrated by Greg Pizzoli.

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