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A Star Full Of Sky, by Raven Howell | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Raven Howell
The Children’s Book Review | January 11, 2018

A Star Full Of Sky

Written by Raven Howell

Illustrated by Caryn Schafer

Age Range: 3 and up

Paperback: 28 pages

Publisher: Kelsay Books

ISBN: 978-1947465114

What to expect: Poetry, Space

A Star Full of Sky is a delightful book of 25 short poems that will light up the imaginations of young readers and their adults. The poems mainly focus on topics related to the sky or things in space. This premise helps to tie the poems together in a cosmic theme that will keep readers engaged as they enthusiastically bounce through the pages.

Each poem is penned with a playful rhyme and a clever twist. The freshness is demonstrated in passages such as:

“In 2006 they voted

And Pluto was demoted.”

Rhymes like these can introduce children to poetry in a way that fosters interest and demonstrates the ease with which a writer can craft a meaningful message through the use of just a few well-placed words. The words jump out to ignite wonder among young readers and to amuse adult readers. Each page demonstrates the joy that can be found in poetic imagery and the author’s ability to spark discussion, with topics such as:

“I relish when a strong wind blows

And gladly welcome UFOs!”


This warm and imaginative book of poems would be suitable for children and adults of all ages, and would especially appeal to those with an interest in space, or those with a literary sense of humor. The book would also be ideal for children that love to hear the rhythmic cadences of stories. And last but not least, the book would be wonderful for adults hoping to inspire young readers’ questions, or just instill a love of poetry that will stretch out into the stars.

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About the Author


Raven Howell

Raven Howell is an award-winning poet whose books for children include Dozy Poems, Cozy Days, Spinning Circles: Action Poems, Gibber/Animal Acrostics, and Shimmer, Songs of Night –Amazon’s charting #1 Best Children’s Poetry Book release. She’s a member of the SCBWI and ILA, and her poems and artwork appear in numerous children’s magazines. Raven enjoys her poetry workshops with kids, and catching sight of shooting stars! Visit her website: www.ravenhowell.com.

About the Illustrator

Caryn Schafer

Caryn Schafer is a wife, mom, book addict, blogger, Instagram over-loader, and an illustrator. She lives in New York City with her husband and two daughters. She is the illustrator of Not So Scary Jerry and another book set to arrive in Spring 2018. Her art, book reviews, photos, and sketches can be found at: smellingoranges.com.


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