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A Jolly Jingling Journey by PandaParents Dedicated Review

A Jolly Jingling Journey, by PandaParents | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by PandaParents
The Children’s Book Review | March 12, 2018

A-Jolly-Jingling-JourneyA Jolly Jingling Journey

Written by PandaParents

Digital version: 50 pages

Age Range: Preschool

Publisher: PandaParents.com (2018)

What to expect: Santa and his reindeer, fantastic journeys, unconventional learning methods

In A Jolly Jingling Journey, readers are introduced to young Davy and his dogs Dahu and Magnus on Christmas Eve. They are excited for Christmas and as Davy drifts off to sleep he embarks on a fantastic journey to the North Pole. As he flies through the air with his trusty mascots, he comes to a land filled with ice and snow and happens upon a cabin made of cookies and candy. Another dog, Jet, leads them inside the cabin, which happens to be where Santa lives, but Santa is nowhere to be found. They search for clues to find Santa and their fun adventure becomes more involved as the mystery deepens. The second part of the book is called An Epic Journey, and here Davy, Dahu and Magnus help Santa find his reindeer.

This novel new digital learning method combines a story with interactive activities that aim to keep a reader’s attention through different activities on each page. For example, in the second part of the book, readers are asked to count the reindeer they see on each page. Or they are asked to find specific words, that are scattered on the pages, as they are reading along.

Perfect for active youngsters, this read-along story will keep little ones entertained as they learn about Davy and his trip to the North Pole. The colorful illustrations and series of objects will keep young readers engaged as they count and sort the objects as they listen to the story. The book includes a series of questions at the end to further engage readers and deepen their knowledge.

Available Here:  PandaParents.com

About the Author-Illustrator

PandaParents’ mission is to Bridge the early learning gap and inspire the superhero in a young child with MESSYLearning.

Education is a crucial part of children’s lives but to kids these days it includes being glued to screens or using stepping stone curriculums. They learn only one subject at a time through videos, digital games, or flash cards. Then they pass tests and move on to the next level.

These stepping stone learning experiences miss the mark of foundational brain development.

To fully unleash her potentials, a young child needs a better learning experience in order to build vast neural brain connections before she turns 5.

Trained as a neuroscientist, Yuhua Shang created a new learning program called MESSYLearning. It minimizes rote memorization and screen dependent learning.

MESSYLearning stories, such as “A Jolly Jingling Journey”, blends in various subjects while focusing on building brain network with creative designs.

A young child learns letters, words, plays finding hidden subject games, and even solves math problems during story time.

We hope our novel approach helps in engaging young children while nourishing the “roots” of their brains so they can flourish in adulthood and reap the “fruits” of this early brain building course.

Bridge the early learning gap; inspire the superhero in your child with MESSYLearning!

Please check out our other learning stories and matching workbooks at pandaparents.com.

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