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Andy Gutman Turns His Creative Visions into Two Children’s Books

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The Children’s Book Review | September 10, 2018

By day, children’s book author Andy Gutman serves as president of a metro Detroit-based commercial real estate company with holdings scattered across the country; by night he’s awake in the wee hours letting his creative juices flow.

Recently he turned his creative visions into two children’s books.

His first is the well-received 2017 book, Charlie the Caterpillar, a vibrantly illustrated story about a super cute and sweet caterpillar and his adventure into finding what makes him unique and special. When Charlie the caterpillar looks in the mirror, all he sees is what’s missing. But with the help of some caring and colorful friends, he begins to learn it’s what’s inside that counts.


The story of Charlie the Caterpillar was born out of a conversation that Gutman had with his wife and daughter about how cool it would be to write a book about a caterpillar trying on fashion inside of its cocoon. Gutman says Charlie is so much more interesting than himself…average height, maybe a few pounds overweight and just some boring businessman.

The book received multiple 2018 Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, a prestigious national book contest recognizing authors for excellence in writing and publishing.

“I am thrilled to be recognized for the work I put into the book,” said Gutman. “This is a labor of love of mine, and years in the making. I began writing creatively when I was young, and it is now what I do at night when everyone is asleep.”


Gutman’s love of books, reading and writing began early on. He’ll tell you he’s not a musician, but he has a passion for songwriting. When he was young he would jot down lyrics in journals and then set the journal aside, not certain what, if anything, he would do with them. As they sat collecting dust, he pursued a career in finance and commercial real estate. Although he puts in long hours on the job, he’s never lost sight of his creative dreams. Since that time, Gutman worked with various artists who sang and produced the more than 300 songs he’s penned, because “nobody wants to hear [him] sing.”

A companion song to Charlie the Caterpillar the book also written by Gutman is available at iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/drewgut/charlie-the-caterpillar-1).

Charlie-the-Caterpillar_CoverCharlie the Caterpillar

Written by Andy Gutman

Publisher’s Synopsis: When Charlie the Caterpillar looks in the mirror, all he sees is what’s missing. But with the help of some caring and colorful friends, he begins to learn it’s what inside that counts.

The book’s lively illustrations in vibrant colors bring the story to life. Its lyrical words work for both reading silently and aloud.

The accompanying contemporary “Charlie the Caterpillar” song, also written by Gutman, is available on iTunes, Spotify and SoundCloud and is sure to have children and their parents tapping their toes, too (soundcloud.com/drewgut)!

Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing, LLC | 2017 | ISBN-13: 978-1457560347

Available Here:

About the Author

Andy Gutman is a songwriter and a dreamer who tries to see the beauty in the world. He is the proud parent of Riley Claire, husband to Lesley Gutman, and the author of Charlie the Caterpillar. A self-described boring businessman by day, the Detroit, Michigan father unleashes his creative side at night while the world is asleep. He is also the author of Pop Lullaby, a gentle lullaby, and has written and produced numerous musical pieces, including song accompaniments to his children’s books.

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