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Denise Mealy is a former web content provider who stays at home to change diapers and write books. Her days are filled with Word documents, books and sloppy kisses (from dogs and baby alike). She likes to read, cook, dance, travel and forward pictures of spam sculptures to friends. If she could have dinner with any author, dead or alive, it would be a toss up between J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen. They would probably eat pasta. Yes, definitely pasta. For more information, visit: www.dccmealy.com You can also find her on Twitter: @dccmealy



Tis the season for baby’s first Christmas books to snuggle with on cold winter nights!

Cassandra and the Night Sky is an interesting take on the tales of constellations in the night sky.

An excellent addition to the series and a welcome Christmas gift idea for even the smallest construction fans, CONSTRUCTION SITE ON CHRISTMAS NIGHT is a surefire hit.

Kim Krans, author of the popular 123 DREAM and ABC DREAM books, has created a beautiful nighttime ballad with WHOSE MOON IS THAT?