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By Steve Lessman, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: September 30, 2010

Inspiring children to live with character, while following the example of great Americans is Steve Lessman’s hope.  His recently released children’s book, D-Day: American Character, does just that.  This epic moment of American history is told by focusing on 12 outstanding character traits demonstrated by United States soldiers.

Steve Lessman teamed with illustrator Christopher Nick on this important and powerful children’s book. There has never been a better example of great character than the generation of Americans who served during World War II. This book accurately tells the story of D-Day and the character displayed by those involved. These brave American heroes displayed wisdom, perseverance, courage, and sacrifice. Their story, along with Christopher’s gifted and passionate art, honors the American soldiers of D-Day, while it encourages children to be the heroes of tomorrow.