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Author Showcase

Clermont, FL  July 2012

Interested in teaching your little one how to speak French?

In this first volume of “The Annabelle Book Series”, Annabelle teaches young readers how to say the Alphabet in French.  Annabelle is a multi-cultural little girl who is stylish, well-traveled, and sports a beautiful head of big & bouncy natural hair.  In this book, she uses a method of word association to teach the young reader French with the help of English words.  As a way of making this book seem less like a lesson, and more like a fun adventure, Annabelle points to many images and travels to various locations to entertain the readers, and to help them visually connect the alphabet with these images.  This book is very unique in that it not only features a child of color teaching the young reader a foreign language, but also does it with visual and linguistic aids.