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By Jayne Ferreira, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: September 23, 2010

Fantastic Technique For Helping Kids Get Rid Of Emotional Upsets, Negativity and Limiting Beliefs!

Author Jayne Ferreira, states her new book Tapping Away the Blues, “will change your childs life!” Ferreira’s claim comes from years of experience working with families and individuals using a modality known simply as Energy Tapping.

Press Release—Sep 08, 2010Family counsellor and Author Jayne Ferreira, announces her recently published children’s book “Tapping Away the Blues” You Have the Power at Your Fingertips!

Ferreira states she wrote the book, “to help spread the amazing tool of energy tapping around the globe and get as many children to learn how to tap as possible” So far she is having success as her book is being read in Australia, South Africa, Nigeria, China, Europe and North America.