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By Nicki Richesin, The Children’s Book Review
Published: November 27, 2011

Angelica Shirley Carpenter

Angelica Shirley Carpenter is the author of many acclaimed biographies written for young people including Frances Hodgson Burnett: Beyond the Secret Garden, L. Frank Baum: Royal Historian of Oz, Robert Louis Stevenson: Finding Treasure Island, and Lewis Carroll: Through the Looking Glass. She also edited In the Garden: Essays in Honor of Frances Hodgson Burnett. Carpenter is the founding curator of the Arne Nixon Center for the Study of Children’s Literature at California State University in Fresno.

By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: April 6, 2010

Alice in Verse by J.T. Holden Alice in Verse: The Lost Rhymes of Wonderland

by J.T. Holden (Author), Andrew Johnson (Illustrator)

Reading Level: Ages 10 and up

Hardcover: 112 pages

Publisher: Candleshoe Books; 1st edition edition (January 11, 2010)

Source of book: Publisher

What to expect: Alice in Wonderland characters, Verse, Riddles

By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: November 3, 2009

Positively fantastical!

The makeup, the effects, the cinematography, not to mention Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.  Feast your eyes and imagination on this …

To make sure you and your family have read this enchanting classic before seeing the movie — you have plenty of time, the release date is March 5, 2010 — here are my favorite “Alice” editions: