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By Nicki Richesin, The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 23, 2011

I would like my daughter to read about young girls as instructive role models who will inspire bravery and determination in her. I’ve spent a bit of time searching for books with bold heroines and these are the ones I’ve found most entertaining and even a little humorous. Enjoy and please let me know which books you’ve found for the girls in your life.

The Maggie B. was my absolute favorite book as a child. Irene Haas painted an enchanting water-colored world with her sweet verse I wanted to escape to. Margaret Barnstable was everything I wanted to be: bold, resourceful, a sailor and a violinist. When a storm strikes her ship, she single-handedly battens down the hatches and cares for her brother. All this while, fishing for “beautiful blue green lobsters” she prepared in a scrumptious stew as supper for two. After all these years, I would still like to sail on the Maggie B. (Ages 4 and up)

By Nicki Richesin, The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 5, 2011

Yona Zeldis McDonough

Yona Zeldis McDonough is the talented author of many books for readers of all ages: fiction and non-fiction for adults and award-winning children’s books. She has most recently written the highly anticipated second book in her Doll Shop series, The Cats in the Doll Shop. Although a prolific writer, Yona still makes time for school visits and readings. She lives in Brooklyn with her family.

Nicki Richesin: It’s a great pleasure to interview you. You have proved a prolific writer of both fiction and nonfiction for adults, in addition to your award-winning children’s books. My daughter adored The Doll Shop Downstairs and The Cats in the Doll Shop. Could you explain how you first discovered Beatrice Alexander, or Madame Alexander as she’s known, and how her story inspired you to write about the resourceful Breittlemann family?