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By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review

Published: December 14, 2009

Star Wars is everywhere: t-shirts, Legos, figurines, table sets, bedding, posters … the list goes on … babies are dressed-up as Yoda for Halloween, and 4-year-old kids (sometimes younger, often older) are waving their pretend light sabers in a pretend battle in the yard at preschool. The commercialization of Star Wars can not be escaped; sooner or later your kids are going to ask that all important question, “Can I watch Star Wars?”

Now comes the hard part: how old should your kids be before you let them watch the movie? There are so many things to consider, including: violence and adult concepts. Some parents say 10-years-old, others are more lenient with 8- or even 6-years-old. No matter what you decide is right for your family—I do recommend reading this article by Daniel Donahoo, Geek Dad—reading some Star Wars books may be a good way to delay a viewing of the movies; it will also allow for some thoughtful discussions on good vs. bad, before the onslaught of the visual impact.

Here is a list of books and their synopsis’, starting at the youngest reader and ending in books for older readers: