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By Ora Munter, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: September 4, 2011

THE ICE VEIL TALES is a series of 12 fantasy/adventures with 50 colorful illustrations that show kids HOW TO BE HAPPY NO MATTER WHAT!

As the stories begin, Kiki’s head is filled to the brim with thoughts sad and grim. While skating in Central Park, she tries to unhinge them by taking a spin. Much to her chagrin, she twirls into another world called, Ice Dreamland. And, like an Avatar, she merges with a happy, curly, girlie named, Cocovanilla.

Cocovanilla’s father sends her on a mission to save the planet. To do so, she must carry the dainty, delicate Ice Veil through the mysterious Black Cherry Forest. On her way, she meets a parade of pranksters, gangsters, and bullies. She defeats each one with wit and true grit by simply remembering to “inhale, exhale, and trust the Ice Veil.”