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By Reg Down, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: October 28, 2010

Reg Down

Reg Down released his fifth, sixth and seventh children’s books this fall. He is the author of the Tiptoes Lightly series which passed their 10,000 sales mark this summer. His books have proven popular with children, parents and teachers because of their strong connection to nature, the seasons and the festivals – as well as a dose of humor and levity appropriate for children.

Down’s latest titles include:

  • The Lost Lagoon
  • The Cricket and the Shepherd Boy – A Christmas Tale
  • The Bee who Lost his Buzz

Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: October 28, 2010

Reg Down

Reg Down is the author of The Tales of Tiptoes Lightly series, a collection of vivid nature- and spirit-filled stories.

TCBR:  You are a father of three and have taught in Waldorf schools in Australia, Canada and the United States for many years. How much of your teaching background would you say inspired your Tiptoes Lightly book series?

Reg Down: They are the literary version of stories I used in my lessons for kindergarten and the younger grades. I think this is the reason kids love the series—the content has been tested with children, in some cases for decades. In real life, a story that does not work in the classroom gets dropped – quickly! I teach eurythmy, a moment art that incorporates language, music and gesture. It is a wonderfully active way to weave story, song and ‘dance’ together. Imagine a large, beautiful room with no furniture, a good hardwood or carpeted floor to move around on, a piano and pianist tucked out of harm’s way, plus you, plus a class full of energetic children. Now what?!