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The Children’s Book Review | November 25, 2013

Santa's Magic Bootprints

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Reading level: Ages 3-7

Hardcover: 32 pages

Author Showcase

By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: November 30, 2011

“Gramps Bricker” is a story telling grandparent who has seen his children, grandchildren, and now his great grandchildren voice their doubts upon seeing so many Santas everywhere without a beard. He created a story, The Christmas Santa Had No Beard, with the purpose of restoring the magical  legend of Santa Claus within every child’s imagination.

TCBR: Can you share a little on your background and how you became a children’s book writer?

By Tiffany A. Higgins, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: July 11, 2011

We’ve Seen Santa ~ It’s every child’s dream to catch Santa leaving presents under the tree. Falling asleep on Christmas Eve is a struggle! You hear a sound. What was it? Could it be Santa? We’ve Seen Santa is the story of a brother and sister who sneak out of bed and go downstairs to take a peek. Will Santa be eating the cookies they left out for him? Will he be the jolly man they imagine? Will he be happy to see them? An unforgettable Christmas is in store for the siblings!