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Are you a passionate children’s book author looking to bring enchanting tales and non-fiction narratives to life? Our specialized Writing Coaching and Editing Services are tailored just for you!

Why Choose Us?

  • Expert guidance from coaches who specialize in children’s literature.
  • Meticulous editing that enhances the appeal of your story to young readers.
  • Interactive coaching sessions tailored for aspiring young authors.
  • A commitment to preserving the innocence and magic of childhood in every word.

Our Writing Coach and Children's Book Editing Services

Let your imagination soar as you embark on a journey to create timeless tales for children. Together, we’ll turn your story into a cherished classic that captivates young hearts. The Full Story Service includes the following components (also available as individual services):

The Readability Report: Starts at $200

Tailored to tales for Tiny Tots to Teens: Our coaches specialize in the art of writing for young minds. Whether it’s fostering a love for learning, promoting empathy, or simply sparking joy, we’ll help you create stories that resonate with the hearts and minds of children.


  • Comprehensive feedback on story elements such as plot, character, voice, arc, setting, and writing style.
  • Recommendations addressing sensitivity, representation, and inclusivity.
  • Seven business days turnaround.
  • One round of revisions is included, with an additional fee for further revisions.

Comprehensive Editing: Starts at $150

Our meticulous editing services go beyond correcting grammar and punctuation. We focus on maintaining a captivating flow, ensuring age-appropriate language, and enhancing the visual storytelling elements in your manuscript. Your book will be a masterpiece that both children and parents will cherish.


  • Detailed, line-by-line editing encompassing all aspects of the story.
  • Margin notes on sentences, structure, word choice, and addressing clarity, typos, and common issues.
  • For picture books, art direction notes are provided for recommended page layout.
  • Seven business days turnaround.
  • Additional fee for further round of revisions.

The Illustration Report: Starts at $200

Illustrations bring your story to life, making it visually engaging and appealing to young readers. An illustration report can guide the inclusion of illustrations strategically, ensuring they complement the narrative and enhance the overall visual experience. Providing insights into the strategic placement of age-appropriate illustrations, maintaining consistent themes and styles, and ensuring character expressions align with the narrative, the report aids in creating a seamless and engaging visual experience, serving as a comprehensive tool to elevate the overall quality and marketability of a children’s book, making it a compelling and memorable experience for young readers.


  • Feedback on the cohesiveness of text and illustrations, considering the layout on each page.
  • Seven business days turnaround.
  • Additional fee for further round of revisions.

Polishing Proofread: Starts at $150

A proofreader is essential for a children’s book manuscript as they meticulously ensure grammatical accuracy. Beyond preventing errors and enhancing readability, a proofreader contributes to the overall professionalism of the manuscript. Their role extends to providing a polished and cohesive visual and textual experience. A proofreader’s final quality check ensures a manuscript is error-free, positively impacting the author’s reputation and the book’s potential success in the competitive children’s literature market.


  • A final round of polishing edits focuses on grammar, punctuation, and typos.

Live Sessions with a Writing Coach: Starts at $199

Unleash your creativity with our expert writing coaches who understand the unique magic of children’s literature. From idea conception to final manuscript, we’ll guide you in crafting engaging plots, developing lovable characters, and ensuring your story captures the imaginations of young readers.

Children’s literature is a unique realm, and our coaches understand the importance of nurturing the author creating for young readers. Through interactive and live coaching sessions, we inspire confidence, creativity, and a lifelong love for storytelling.

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