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Board books for kids are best for our youngest growing readers from infant age up to age 4 or 5.


Board Books for Kids


Board books are generally accepted as being for the consumption of our youngest and most immediately impressionable readers. The ideal age range for kids board books is infant or baby to 4 years old. After the age of 4 or 5, children seek greater depth to storytelling and characters, more in line with the types of stories found in picture books. Sound, touch, and visual stimuli are some of the essential elements of board books for kids. The variety of shapes and sizes in the board book spectrum is endless. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, or large enough to overflow a school backpack.

Some of our favorite storybooks come in both board book form and picture book form. Go Dogs Go, by P.D. Eastman, is a classic favorite describing what seems to be a day in the life of dogs, and comes to life in both board book and picture book form. The board book narrative is more or less the same as the picture book version, a day in the life of dogs, but follows a shorter format with differing text in comparison to the picture book. Both the board book and picture book version are great reads and unique in their own ways; however, the sturdiness of the board book makes it more accessible to infants and toddlers.

Great for bedtimes, train rides and plane rides, ideal anywhere and anytime. During travel, parents pack a few board books in their carryon baggage, and accompany families to new and exciting destinations only previously found in books!

For families seeking outdoor inspiration read these nature-inspired board books for kids:

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Keep babies and toddlers busy with these must-have board books:

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Absolute best board book collections for kids can be found here:

The Best Board Books Released in 2019

Kids will love these interactive board books for young children and babies:

Finger Puppet Books by Chronicle Books

Snuggle up with these board books when bedtime rolls around:

3 Nursery Rhyme Board Books for a Fun Snuggle Time

Inspire your future nature lovers with nature board books for kids:

Introduce Young Kids to Nature With Two Beautiful Board Books

Board books are also great gifts for the holidays, especially in a stocking. Here are some gift giving ideas.

8 Christmas Board Books Filled with Holiday Magic For the Youngest Readers

Board books can be ongoing sources of inspiration for our young and growing readers. Keep them low on the shelf and you just might find your kids will load up their hands with board books to fill an afternoon of reading! If you have any great stories or examples of your little ones reading and finding inspiration in board books for kids, then send us suggestions through Twitter, and share your most distinguished board books on Instagram or Facebook with #thechildrensbookreview. In the meantime, let’s keep growing readers one book at a time!

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Board Books for Kids, Infants, and Toddlers

From color-themed board books, Spanish translations, enchanting illustrations, and zany interactions with crazy animals, here is a list of beautiful bilingual books (Spanish and English) for young readers.

Inspiration makes a splash in this delightfully colorful board book!

As companion pieces or as individual reads, these two volumes provide a great introduction to nature for young readers.

Bill Cotter is the author and illustrator of the bestselling Don’t Push the Button! series, now with over 1 million copies sold worldwide.

This delightful list of Christmas board books has been created with the youngest readers in mind.

Peppa, everyone’s favorite British pig, celebrates her birthday and is ready to play magnets with preschoolers everywhere.

From the bestselling author and illustrator team behind the GROWING HEARTS series comes a book about appreciation, gratefulness, and sharing.

How do you get a toddler to gravitate towards books? That's where books like the Animal Adventures from Clever Publishing come in to play.

The Hug Me series of books, in particular Little Bunny and Little Bear, from the Chronicle Books series offer a fun, comforting reading time experience for young board book lovers.

From familiar nursery rhymes to learning social skills, here are 5 sweet board books that are wonderful for busy toddlers!

The Clever Things to Learn books are extremely interactive! These larger board books are not only eye-catching with the visually stimulating colors, they open a world of new concepts for toddlers.

A great, fun, tactile, jam-packed, immersive adventure for all!

Based on look and shape alone, the Wonder Wheels books are like magnets for toddlers and preschoolers fascinated by anything with, you guessed it, wheels.

From acclaimed author Amy Parker of the beloved NIGHT NIGHT TRAIN, as well as many other children’s favorites, NIGHT NIGHT, SLEEPYTOWN is a sweet way to wind down before bed.

From January through March, these are the board books of 2019 that we love the most

Filled with simplistic illustrations and bold, beautiful colors, these board books are perfect to catch the attention of even the smallest children.

This list represents some of our favorite board books—the board books we feel represented the best of 2018. Ready. Set. Read!

Tis the season for baby’s first Christmas books to snuggle with on cold winter nights!

The timeless classic of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery has now inspired the concept for a couple of unique board books for youngsters.

With the message that even pirates can clean up their act (as well as eat veggies), Happy Holidays, Pirates will be worth all yeh doubloons for the entertainment it will bring yeh laddies and lassies. Arrr!