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It seems you’ve found your way to us either through a recommendation from someone you know or maybe you discovered one of our incredible book marketing campaigns online. However you found us, we’re thrilled to have you. We can’t wait to get your books in the hands of readers! We want to make sure you can efficiently and effectively get your books in front of book-loving eyeballs while also helping you grow your following. Let’s start this exciting journey together!

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Who are we? How can we help get your book noticed?

Since 2008, The Children’s Book Review (TCBR) has been proud to share articles and reviews on the best books for children of all ages while providing literacy tips for young readers. Our commitment to excellence has helped us discover new and talented authors and illustrators for our readers. Meet the team here.

We’ve helped hundreds of traditionally published and self-published children’s book creators get their books noticed! Credibility and visibility are the name of the game. Whether you want to start or enhance your book marketing plan, we’ll connect you with your target audience of book lovers on TCBR and beyond and help you grow your following. Our website receives approximately 350,000 unique visitors annually, and we continue to grow in popularity with our loyal readership base—providing you with an excellent platform from which to launch.

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How do I start my book marketing campaign?

We’ve got you totally covered! You’ll be booked in no time with one of our highly recommended Virtual Books ToursBook Boost packages, or our in-demand Dedicated Review program.

We can also work with you to design a custom campaign that meets your goals and budget needs—use the form at the bottom of this page. If you need in-person virtual hand-holding and guidance, book a virtual consultation call. Bianca will coach you and help create the best online plan for you and your book.

We love collaborating with anyone interested in raising readers, literacy, family well-being, and education for all. Use the form below to request a custom book marketing campaign, or keep scrolling for more information.

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Ready-to-Go Book Marketing Campaigns

Our team is dedicated to assisting you in discovering exactly what you’re seeking. Explore the options below and click on the one that piques your interest. If you’re looking for a more tailored experience, continue scrolling to locate our contact form for crafting a personalized book campaign. For those who prefer a face-to-face conversation, scroll down a bit further to book a virtual consultation call. We’re excited to engage with you!

Dedicated Book Reviews

Are you seeking a professional and non-biased book or product review? The Dedicated Review program guarantees you a review with a minimum word count of 200 words completed in as little as 1-2 weeks.* Once you have a book review, be sure to pull excerpts from your review to include in all your marketing materials. Put a blurb on your cover (if you haven’t already gone to print), add it to your website, share it via social media, and use it to pitch your book to more reviewers! Remember, investing in yourself and your passion is the key to achieving your goals. Keep writing and never give up on your dreams! Find out more »

Virtual Book Tours

Our virtual book tours, also known as “The Awareness Tour,” provide authors, illustrators, and publishers of all kids and teen books an opportunity from which to easily and efficiently expand reach to a targeted audience of children’s book readers by using The Children’s Book Review as a solid platform from which to promote their book. We’ll get your book featured on loads of reviewer and influencer sites, increasing online exposure and social proof for you and your book, as well as a presence that provides you with an extended ripple effect long after the book tour ends. Find out more »

The Book Launch and Book Boost Campaign Packages

We’ve packaged up some of our favorite opportunities to create a campaign for getting your book noticed with The Children’s Book Review audience. Whether you have a brand new book or a book that’s been published for years, these packages offer some of the best ways to launch your book, create buzz, improve your social following, and grow your email list. Find out more »

Activity Kits and Educator Guides for Children's Books​

Combining an activity kit or an educator’s guide with children’s books brings numerous advantages for both authors and their young readers. It not only strengthens an author’s brand but also makes books more memorable and recommendable for parents, educators, and caregivers when enriched with engaging and educational resources. Let us have the pleasure of creating one for you! Find out more »

Press Release Services

Unlock the power of press releases to boost your book’s visibility and authorial presence. Our children’s book marketing experts will craft compelling announcements that grab media attention, boost your credibility, and help expand your reach to new readers. Don’t let your masterpiece languish in obscurity—let us help you make headlines and work toward turning your book into the next must-read sensation. Find out more »

Are you ready to get your book noticed out in the world? Look no further! Our form is here to help you share your budget, goals, and everything else we need to know to help you build the perfect campaign. If you’re someone who would prefer to speak to a “real live” person, scroll down the page just a bit further and book a virtual consultation call. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions – our team is here to help you every step of the way. Remember, your campaign may be small or large, but it can be mighty with our guidance. Let’s get started on making your vision a success!

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Join Bianca Schulze for a virtual consultation to gain access to expert advice tailored to your unique needs, helping you with strategic planning and customized guidance. She’ll highlight opportunities and challenges you might have missed, allowing you to tap into her knowledge without a long-term commitment and providing valuable insights and resources to boost your author brand and book. To make the most of your 30 minutes, it’s advisable to come prepared with your specific needs, goals, and budget. After the call, you’ll receive a follow-up email with helpful notes and any next steps discussed. Get ready for a supportive and informative conversation to boost your literary journey!