Dedicated Book Reviews

Dedicated Review Submission Guidelines

Are you seeking a professional and non-biased book or product review written by industry experts? Are you ready to get the word out ASAP? Or … maybe you want a blurb or some praise from a reputable source to include on a book cover, website, and other marketing materials?

Honest book reviews from industry authorities and influencers, such as The Children’s Book Review’s team of contributors, are a really great start. As discussed in our article The Art of Getting Your Children’s Book Reviewed, authentic reviews from influential reviewers can be worth their weight in gold. Not only can they be used to aid sales, but they can also help improve your writing.

The Dedicated Review program guarantees you a review with a minimum word count of 200 words. Dedicated Reviews are published and archived in TCBR’s Author Showcase category. Dedicated Reviews are also considered, at the discretion of TCBR’s editors, for archiving in additional categories, as well as for inclusion in the TCBR newsletter.

Dedicated Review (4-5 weeks): $285*

Accelerated Dedicated Review (1-2 weeks): $385*

*A $50 surcharge applies to books of 51+ pages

*A $75 surcharge applies to books of 101+ pages

*A $100 surcharge applies to books of 201+ pages

*A $125 surcharge applies to books of 301+ pages

*A $150 surcharge applies to books of 401+ pages

Sample Dedicated Reviews

What are some of the benefits might you see from a Dedicated Review published on The Children’s Book Review?

  • A positive write-up by a trusted source with a large following.
  • An investment that provides value beyond the review:
    • A review published online makes the book and author searchable on the Web.
    • Book reviews provide marketing content and social proof.
  • Our reviews are evergreen content, which means they remain published on TCBR for the life of our site or until the book is no longer in print.
  • Possible book sales.
  • Possible increase in the author or illustrator’s website traffic.
  • Possible increase in Amazon rankings.


Dedicated Review Policy

The Children’s Book Review (TCBR) reviews published fiction and non-fiction literature and child/family-friendly products for children and young adults. Submissions for Dedicated Reviews are accepted from publishers, authors, illustrators, and publicists. All submissions are evaluated based on the following particulars: literary value, illustrative quality, and overall presentation and quality. The editorial and reviewing staff of TCBR pride themselves on being thorough and honest; therefore, Dedicated Reviews are even-handed and fair, focusing on aspects that will have the most substantial potential impact on the reader.

Dedicated Reviews will be identified on TCBR as sponsored and with a heading of Dedicated Review.

A Dedicated Review can be used in full or excerpted form for all of your marketing purposes, with the following attributions:

Print: The Children’s Book Review (

Digital: The Children’s Book Review (digital must include correct href attribute:

Ready, Set, Go!

  1. Once you have completed the contact form below, TCBR will contact you within 3 business days to confirm availability and request more information about the book.
  2. Payment will be invoiced via PayPal and payment will be accepted via PayPal, credit card, check, or money order. Upon request, you’ll send a copy of your work (print book or e-book) or product. An E-mail will be sent from TCBR to confirm receipt of your work. Submitted materials can not be returned.
  3. A professional review will be written (200+ words) based on the Dedicated Review policy, in the timeframe allocated by your selected service option.


Refund Policy

The Dedicated Review is not a guarantee of a positive review. A copy of your review will be e-mailed to you prior to publishing it on TCBR. In the event you find the review unfavorable, you will be provided the opportunity to decline its publication on TCBR, however, we cannot issue a refund. A refund can only be issued prior to TCBR receiving the work—a 10% handling fee will be applied to all PayPal transactions.


We have enlisted The Children’s Book Review for dedicated reviews on several of our titles and couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  Of course, we’re happy that the reviews have all been very positive, but regardless, we know that they are comprehensive, fair, and thoughtful in their approach.  It really is a great value.  As part of their study, they always provide a thorough book summary, that masterfully speaks to the heart of a work – we’ve been impressed with the way our books have been summed up, in a way that can only be accomplished by reading a book cover-to-cover and really letting it in.  We’ll use them again and recommend their Dedicated Review service without hesitation.

—Michelle Jordan, Owner, Dewberry Press

I was given a PR list through Createspace and told to try and contact people and ask for reviews.  I tackled it with dedicated gusto and wrote to each of the twelve hundred names listed. Most didn’t reply, a few nice reviews popped up on the web, but I must admit I hit the motherlode when I was accepted by The Children’s Book Review. If you haven’t guessed, I am a new author and still rather fragile. The Children’s Book Review did a wonderful, personal interview of ME and reviewed my book. I stared in wonder at my picture along side serious writers, people who did this for a living. The encouraging review gave me the motivation to write another book, and then another. The Children’s Book Review has reviewed each of my books with candor and perception, building my confidence as well as gently guiding me to write clearer and better. They may say it takes a village to grow a child.  I think it takes a dedicated review to grow a writer.

Carole P. Roman, author of the award-winning Captain No Beard series