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Author Showacse

By Julia Drake, Julia Drake PR
Published: October 1, 2011


By Derek The Ghost (aka Derek Taylor Kent)

A Harper Collins Hardcover published on June 21, 2011

Price: $15.99/Pages: 144/ISBN: 978-006196092

“Kent takes school integration to a new level with breezy tales of ‘learning, horror, and mayhem’ at a grade school attended by a mix of humans and monsters.” — Kirkus Reviews

Author Showcase

By Bianca Schulze, The Children’s Book Review
Published: October 1, 2011

Derek is an eleven-year-old ghost who haunts the classrooms and hallways of Scary School, writing down all the spine-tingling often hilarious things that go on there. Despite his ghostly state, Derek still enjoys reading comic books and hopes to one day become a master ninja. If that doesn’t work out, he will continue to share the fun of this very special, very secret school, so all kids can experience the scariest school on earth. Derek the Ghost communicates through the first-time ghost whisperer Derek Taylor Kent, who is a writer and performer in Los Angeles, California.