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By Jill Baguchinsky | The Children’s Book Review |September 18, 2012

Character Development of a Paranormal Investigator

When I began working on SPOOKYGIRL: PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR, I knew right away that its main character, Violet, would have a ghostly pet. Because she has the ability to communicate with otherworldly spirits, Violet is all too used to ghosts. They don’t frighten her; they’re just a part of her daily life. It made sense, then, for her to have one as a sidekick.

The result of that decision became Buster, a mischievous supernatural being Violet refers to as an abnormal poltergeist. Loud and rambunctious, Buster likes to toss around squeaky dog toys, eat cookies, and turn furniture upside down. He’s like an invisible, overactive puppy—and luckily, he’s crate trained.