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Author Showcase: The Moonlight Message by Denice Barlow Brown

By Denice Barlow Brown, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: January 30, 2010

First book in new series for children highlights Redcoats, revolution, and heroism as two young sisters summon up the courage to do their part in revolutionary America

Children need heroes, and sometimes the best role models are their peers. That some of those peers lived hundreds of years ago only adds to the excitement and allure of the new series of books for children based on real events and young heroes of the American Revolution.

In the Personal Responsibility Founders Series’ debut book, The Moonlight Message, author Denice Barlow Brown tells the fictionalized, meticulously researched story of Grace Martin, a young girl living in South Carolina during the American Revolution who demonstrated boundless courage at a critical time in our nation’s history and in the specific history of Grace’s village.

Ever since the Redcoats arrived, Grace’s family and the entire village have been on edge. But once all the men and boys have declared themselves Patriots and gone to fight the British, it’s up to Grace and her older sister Rachel to find a way to protect their village from the spies of the king.

Can girls be Patriots too? That’s the questions on young Grace’s mind. With Rachel’s help and some borrowed boys’ clothing, the two sisters find a way to capture a spy, if ever so briefly, and intercept a critical message. In so doing, notes the author, “They defy convention and honor the American tradition of independence, personal responsibility, and true grit.”

In this exciting first person narrative told by Grace, readers of all ages will be motivated by the realization that digging deep, taking responsibility, and working for a cause greater than oneself is part of our American, and our human, heritage.

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Personal Responsibility Founders Series: This series features thoroughly researched, carefully written, and beautifully illustrated tales of real events and young heroes of the American Revolution.

The Moonlight Message

By Denice Barlow Brown

Cypress Productions


Based on a true story from the American Revolution


Available at www.cypress-productions.com

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