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Author Showcase: The Great Snail Race by Jane Hague

By Jane Hague, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: February 20, 2010

The Great Snail Race Children’s Book


First in a series of ten fun children’s books for theiPhone and iPad

Direct link to The Great Snail Race children’s book on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/great-snail-race-kids-stories/id415166277?mt=8

Professionally narrated multimedia-rich children’s book for iPhone & iPad

The Great Snail Race is a story about Little Tilly Two. Enjoy listening to this lively children’s story featuring a beautiful narrative performance by Sharon Hunter and Daryl Scobie.

iPhone / iPad SCREEN IMAGES:

Home Screen

Number Town Map—Touch Interactive


This book is professionally narrated using full character voices. Children can play the story with or without the highlighted text or audio narration and can switch the text on or off at any point while reading or listening.


1: Text highlights as you read.
2: “Read it to me.” Full narration with manual or automatic page turning.
3: “Read it myself.” Self-paced reading. Show or hide text with a simple touch.
4: Interactive Number Town Map.
5: Touch objects to hear a description.
6: Listen to “The Number Fun Song.”
7: Beautiful narrative performance by Sharon Hunter and Daryl Scobie.
8: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later.


“Hello, I’m Little Tilly Two. We had the Great Snail Race at Number Town School this week.”

“Come and read about the race and find out who came in first, second, and third.”

“The Great Snail Race focuses on the number two, represented by me, Little Tilly Two.”

Stories from Tilly’s Number Town are part of the Number Fun series of children’s educational products that bring numbers and counting to life using fun characters that inspire young learners.

Identifying numbers and counting are important early learning skills. Stories from Tilly’s Number Town represent each number in a fun pictorial way that young children find easy to understand.The Great Snail Race focuses on the number two, represented by number character, Little Tilly Two.

These simple stories and delightful illustrations provide an effective way for parent and child to explore numbers, basic math, and reading skills in everyday situations. The Great Snail Race deals with number sequences and helps your child understand the concepts of first, second, and third. Kids have a lot of fun finding the numbers hidden in each illustration, and the more they find the happier they will be!

More Stories from Tilly’s Number Town:

1: Professor One Gets in a Muddle: A story about Professor One
2: The Great Snail Race:                    A story about Little Tilly Two
3: Trouble at Trio Farm:                     A story aboutFarmer Freda Three
4: The Camping Trip:                         A story aboutFergus Four the Fisherman
5: The Special Visit:                           A story about Mr Hive Five the Bee Keeper
6: A Very Busy Week:                        A Story about Nurse Trixie Six
7: Shape Up Number Town:              A story about Sally Seven the Sports Star
8: All in a Day’s Work:                       A story about Policeman Ernie Eight
9: The Harvest Festival:                    A story about Nun Nine
10: Laboratory Ten:                           A story about Professor One and Robot Zero

iPhone / iPad Release WK 8 – Feb 2011

iPhone / iPad Release WK 9 – March 2011

Author: Jane Hague

Illustrated by: Ferdinand Tang

Narrated by: Sharon Hunter & Daryl Scobie

Programming by: Jose Massada

Book layout by: Carolyn Glennie

Number Fun Song by: Angela Glennie

Published: 2011 – 123 Number Fun Pty Ltd

Melbourne, Australia  © Jane Hague 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9806737-5-3

Janue Hague

About the Author: In 1999, Jane Hague found herself homeschooling her two young daughters. As she gathered teaching materials, she discovered there were very few resources that approached numbers, particularly multiplication, in a multi-sensory fashion. Jane started using pictures and short stories to engage her children’s imagination and their visual and auditory recall of the multiplication tables.

Her techniques were an instant success and she soon had eleven number characters and dozens of short mnemonic verses. Tilly’s Tables were born. Tilly’s Tables multiplication flash cards are based on eleven fun characters who get into all sorts of situations. Colourful illustrations combined with brief stories create number images in your child’s imagination – making the multiplication tables easy to remember.

In her own schooling, Jane used various mnemonic techniques to remember facts. She was especially fond of simple verses and stories. Spelling the double consonants in address, for example, can be tricky for primary students unless they remember that: letters “Delivered Directly are Safe and Sound.”

Other mothers loved her ideas and urged her to create flash cards. She did, and the first 1,000 packs of Tilly’s Tables quickly sold out. However, it wasn’t until her family returned to Australia and her five children were happily settled into school that Jane found the time to dedicate herself to improving and expanding her ideas.

In 2008, Tilly’s Tables became an audio eBook, using the voice talents of Sharon Hunter to bring the number characters to life. The eBook proved to be as popular as the flash cards. In 2009, the character images and packaging design were refined and a range of complimentary products were developed. In addition to Tilly’s Tables, there is now Tilly’s Number Fun (a precursor to Tilly’s Tables).

Tilly’s Number Fun flash cards introduce young children to numbers in a colourful pictorial way. Each number has its own identity, making it personable and fun. These cute characters are also expanded in Stories from Tilly’s Number Town, which includes ten short stories that explore numbers in everyday situations children can relate to.

Jane is now in collaboration with the Chookas Theatre Production Company to produce a Stories from Tilly’s Number Town stage show.

Jane trained as a DSA nurse and ran a successful catering company before starting her family. When Jane is not working on Tilly’s Number Fun, she is at home in the beautiful Yarra Valley with husband Keith, five children, three horses, and three dogs. Jane has also travelled extensively throughout Europe and beyond, and travel remains her great passion.

Contact: Keith Hague
123 Number Fun Pty Ltd
Box 409, Montrose,
Vic 3765, Australia
Tel: +61 3 97239917
Web: www.123numberfun.com

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