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“Scary School” by Derek The Ghost

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By Julia Drake, Julia Drake PR
Published: October 1, 2011


By Derek The Ghost (aka Derek Taylor Kent)

A Harper Collins Hardcover published on June 21, 2011

Price: $15.99/Pages: 144/ISBN: 978-006196092

“Kent takes school integration to a new level with breezy tales of ‘learning, horror, and mayhem’ at a grade school attended by a mix of humans and monsters.” — Kirkus Reviews


HarperCollins is proud to present SCARY SCHOOL by Derek Taylor Kent, a brand new series of three books for middle-grade readers (ages 9-12). The first book of the series had been released June 21, 2011.

Narrated by recently deceased eleven-year-old Derek the Ghost, SCARY SCHOOL details the spine-tingling and outrageous happenings at a school where monsters and normal kids tread the halls together and just making it to lunch with all your limbs intact is considered a good day. Teachers include Ms. Fang, a 850-year-old vampire, Dr. Dragonbreath, who just might eat you before recess, and Principal Headcrusher, who… well, the name says it all. Things get extra scary this year when the school is chosen to host the annual Ghoul Games – a junior-olympic event between all the “scary” schools in the world. The winners get to eat the losers! Faced with their superior monster opponents, it’s do or die for the normal kids at SCARY SCHOOL. Together they hatch a plan that will change the future of SCARY SCHOOL forever.

Original, funny, and delightfully scary, SCARY SCHOOL teaches kids to find laughter in fear, to stretch their imaginations, and to discover that your smarts will always prevail over bullies.


Praise For Scary School

“This is a laugh-out-loud offering that should find a broad and appreciative audience among boys and girls alike.” –– Booklist

“This hilarious look at a school unlike any other will likely become a staple in homes and libraries across the country.” –– Cracking the Cover

“So be prepared to shiver in fear!  Of course, you’ll also be laughing your head off.” –– Books Kids Like

“This is a perfect book for getting ready for school.” — KidsReads

“Fun and packed full of adventures.” — MyLittleMe

Derek Taylor Kent Bio

Derek T. Kent is the son of Melanie Taylor Kent, a world-renowned artist and Los Angeles icon. Derek started writing children’s books at the age of 13. His first published book, RUDY THE BEAST, has recently been optioned by renowned film producer Colin Callendar. His other book, MICHAEL JORDAN’S MAGIC SHOES, became a one-man-show that Derek wrote and performed at UCLA’s School of Theater before touring with it across the nation. Kent has also written and produced many children’s plays with sold-out runs at the Westside Playhouse and Culver City Public Theatre and has acted in many stage plays, musicals and films. He’s been a mentor at many summer camps and children’s programs, overseeing creative storytelling and arts & crafts activities. In his spare time, Derek teaches Children’s Writing and Young Adult writing for The Los Angeles Writing Pad.

For more information about Derek T. Kent and SCARY SCHOOL, please visit: http://www.derektaylorkent.com/


Scary School Fun Facts

•    Derek saved his sister’s life twice.  Once with the Heimlich maneuver, and once by pushing her out of the way of UPS truck.  An 8-year-old version of herself – still accident-prone–is now a character in the SCARY SCHOOL books.

•     A passionate foodie and hobby cook, Derek’s love of food and fine dining is illustrated in the SCARY SCHOOL most frighteningly delicious school lunches. The book also pays homage to some of his favorite “scary” chefs such as Mario Bat-ali, Werewolfgang Puck, and Scary Danko.

• As Derek the Ghost is literally an 11-year-old dead version of Derek, he plans to stage his upcoming bookstore appearances across the nation as Derek the Ghost’s “ghost whisperer.” Books will be signed in invisible ink.

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