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Chompy Goes to School by Eric C. Jackson

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ChompyGoesToSchoolChompy Goes to School

Author: Eric C. Jackson

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 978-1477564400

“Chompy Goes to School” is a picture book designed to allow children to follow a visual story. Although there is no text, the alphabet is highlighted and integrated in various ways within the scenes of the story. My hope is that parents, teachers, and the children themselves will create their own dialogue making each experience with the story very unique. Therefore, the readers have the opportunity to be creative in in their own way while sharing the storyline with their children.

This story features baby Chompys. Although they are babies, there are no parents illustrated in this story. The babies get up on their own, brush their gums, eat breakfast, and head off on quite a long journey to school over a mountain range. In my mind, this is very unique because these babies have the toughness and knowledge to do many things on their own.


Illustration © 2013 by Eric C. Jackson

Their character and personality balances out because of certain child-like behaviors they exhibit. It has been said that little kids bounce off the walls when they are energetic. Baby Chompys literally bounce off the walls when they get excited. Their arms and eyes sink into their bodies allowing them to roll like a ball as they travel. They can roll at high speeds. While sleeping, they also take on this round ball form because they have no eyelids and this form is more comfortable for them to sleep in.

Chompys come in every color imaginable. From dark browns to light pinks, a school full of Chompys is a sea of color. Not only do these various colors make the character more interesting, but it also helps children understand that the color on the outside does not matter. All Chompys go to school together, play together, and eat together. This basic lesson is very important for people of all ages to understand.

I hope that people enjoy the story, illustrations, and color throughout the book. It is such a joy for me to know that at least one child will smile and have a brighter day because of Chompy.

Chompys Roll!


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