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Beyond the Chrysalis, by Naya H. Jones

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Article provided by Naya H. Jones
The Children’s Book Review | November 25, 2015

Beyond_the_KhrysalisBeyond the Khrysalis

by Naya H. Jones

“Wing my spirit with the feathers of a golden bird that I may soar and flee this broken world,” Princess Ravin whispered to night sky. She sat on her bed watching the golden nightingale flying frantically around its gilded cage. “I’m stuck in a prison just like you except my cage is a crystal palace.”

Princess Ravin had awakened this morning in her chambers to the melodic song of the golden nightingale. With the bird’s longing to be free tugging at her heart, she opens the window and sets the nightingale free. She watches sadly as the bird flies away knowing there’s no escape from her crystal palace.

She longs to see more of the world, especially the lower world, Khrysalis Fiber. One day she will become queen without ever having been away from her kingdom or the royal palace. But she has nightmares about the lower realm and tells her grandmother that “someone, or something” is calling her there.   Her beloved grandmother, Xijay, warns that there is much danger in that realm.

Is it the mysteries of this new world beckoning to her, or something truly evil calling her to her death? Xijay fears the evil sorceress, Lilith, her long-time foe, poses a real threat to her granddaughter and is behind the calling.

Living under the scrutiny and critical eyes of her mother, Queen Sage, Ravin wants more than ever to go on an adventure. One moonlit night after an upsetting encounter with her mother, Ravin decides to leave for the lower world. It’s a realm where dragons, unicorns, fairies and pegasuses roam, and spirits guard the enchanted forests.

In this new world, Ravin follows the ancient paths unfolding before her; battling a two-headed dragon; flying with the fairies of Will-o-Myst, befriending a crystal unicorn and her mate, a pegasus with a gold horn. She enters an enchanted garden where she discovers a prince imprisoned within a tree and falls in love with him, the man of her dreams. Now Ravin’s “fantastical” journey truly begins. Her end becomes her magical beginning.

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