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Go Ducky, Go Linda Hamill

Go Ducky, Go, by Linda Hamill

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Article provided by Linda Hamill
The Children’s Book Review | December 18, 2015

Go Ducky, Go Linda HamillGo Ducky, Go

Lyle’s school is hosting The Great Duck Race and he has a ticket. He has plans on how to spend his winnings. But his sisters want their share.

Lyle and his family arrive early and see the rubber ducks being prepared for the race. They also check out all the vendors especially the ones selling food.

It is just about race time. Lyle sees something on the river and figures the race has started. But it is just some Canada Geese. Then the real race starts at Sykes Street Bridge with the Mayor saying “Go!” All the ducks are dumped into the water.

“Go ducky, go,” Lyle shouted.

The ducks start to spread out across the river. One group gets ahead. Finally one duck takes the lead. Someone tries to read the number and it is not Lyle’s number.

Lyle starts to cheer for the duck in second place.

“Go ducky, go,” Lyle shouted.

But the lead ducks suffer a misfortune and do not finish ‘in the money’.

One duck after another reaches the finish line. The first three ducks have their number called out. None of them have Lyle’s number.

But there is also a prize for the last duck to finish the race. Lyle now pins his hopes on winning something by finishing last. They wait and wait, but finally have to go home. Lyle has to wait until the next day at the prize presentation to see if he won anything.

He does not. But the group who wins first prize donates the money back to Lyle’s school. Lyle decides he has won after all.

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