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Matt and Mattie’s Adventures: Toddler Tootsies Take On The Day | Dedicated Review

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The Children’s Book Review | March 1, 2018

Toddler-TootsiesMatt and Mattie’s Adventures: Toddler Tootsies Take On The Day

Written by Marsha K. Nowakowski

Illustrated by Joan Coleman

Age Range: 2 and up

eBook: 34 pages

Publisher: Lanier Press (2018)

ISBN: 978-1-61005-877-3

What to expect: Daily schedules, healthy habits

Matt and Mattie are cartoon feet that are looking for adventure. This book takes readers through their daily routine and shows all the fun they have during their day.

Matt and Mattie are best feet friends. They start the day by saying hello to Mr. Sun in a variety of languages and then begin their healthy routine of personal grooming in the bathroom. Next up, readers help Matt and Mattie pick out what clothes to wear based on the weather. They eat a healthy, nourishing breakfast that includes protein-packed milk and energy-boosting fruit. Then it’s a day of exercise and activities. They jump rope, swim and play soccer, before settling down for a cozy nap. In the afternoon the feet friends set off to play again and then clean up their mess. At bedtime they remember all the fun adventures they had that day before drifting off to a restful sleep.

This is a relaxing and comforting story that would work well for toddlers learning about daily activities and schedules. The illustrations are colorful, and the anthropomorphized feet are definitely cute, with big toothy smiles and perfectly fitted foot-shaped outfits. Toddlers will giggle at the silly feet having their own healthy and fun day, and parents will appreciate being able to walk through daily activities in a new and entertaining way. Toddlers will also enjoy the interactive aspects of the book, like picking out clothes, pointing out which activities they like best, and practicing “Good Morning!” in different languages.

Recommended for preschool classrooms where children are learning how to take care of themselves and how to complete their daily routines, or for parents looking for a gentle story before bed.

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About the Author

marsha orange

Marsha K. Nowakowski

Marsha K. Nowakowski is a loving wife, dedicated mother to three children, and a “grammie” to her grandchildren. This is Marsha’s debut book for toddlers. She has spent forty years in the healthcare industry, primarily as a cardiac nurse. Her inspiration for writing Matt and Mattie’s Adventures developed from her own observations that patients who recovered more quickly exhibited healthy habits and good attitudes toward life.  As a mother and grammie, Marsha recognized the need for books teaching healthy habits to help young ones develop into successful people who always do their best. Matt and Mattie’s Adventures makes everyday habits fun, balanced, and adventuresome for toddlers.  Marsha’s own adventures include travel, horseback riding, and reading. She also enjoys golf, baseball games, and sailing with her husband. According to Marsha, every day is an adventure!


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  • As a pediatrician, I value building good habits early in children as it teaches them to value their health at an early age. Children are very impressionable and love to teach their peers the new things they have learned which is what this book does! Its illustrations and message is educational, motivating and infectious. I see the kids that read this book learning and eventually enjoying their day to day responsibilities of taking care of their health. Furthermore, I think it would become a subconscious thing, especially if they are singing the “tubby time” and “sleepy time ” song which is already stuck in my head. I am truly enamored by the book!

    April 7, 2018

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