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The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes! | Book Review

The Children’s Book Review | September 15, 2019

But the BookThe Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes!

Written by Carole P. Roman

Age Range: 6 – 12 years

Paperback: 160 pages

Publisher: Rockridge Press (August 27, 2019)

ISBN-13: 978-1641526371

What to Expect: Jokes, Riddles, Tongue Twisters, and Fun Facts

Leave it to award-winning author Carole P. Roman to compile a super fun selection of crowd-pleasing jokes, while also weaving in a little history and fun facts! Side note: She has written over fifty children’s books, including the history series If You Were Me and Lived In. 

As the title touts, The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids is filled with over 800 family-friendly jokes, riddles, tongue twisters, fun facts, and more. Each new section of the book begins with an anecdote about the type of jokes that will proceed.  The range of jokes starts with simple questions with answers and knock-knock jokes, progressing to tricky tongue twisters, puns, and longer story-like jokes. The pages are peppered with line illustrations to compliment the badum ching moments. For an added bonus, any budding comedians out there will enjoy learning about setups and punch lines, along with the special space provided to write their own jokes—there are even some fill-in-the-blank samples to get the creativity started.

Joke books are one of the best-kept secrets for getting reluctant readers to read. So what are you waiting for? Grab a copy now and leave it on your kiddo’s bedside table, in the car, or inside their backpack for recess time. Then sit back and watch them read with zero nagging on your part! Also keep in mind that if your dad jokes are getting old … just keep the book for yourself and impress your kids and their friends with your fresh new set of quips. Hot tip: Write down one of the jokes on a piece of paper and use it for a lunchbox note to brighten up a long school day.

What did one volcano say to the other?

“I lava you!”

What did the painter say to her sweetheart?

“I love you with all my art.”

They say that laughter is the best medicine, which means we really should have a couple of joke books on hand at all times. While getting paid to sleep would literally be a dream job, pun intended, we think Roman may have found her waking dream job when she put together this truly joyful book.

Why did the scarecrow win an award?

She was the best in her field.

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About the Author

Carole P Roman

Carole P. Roman

Carole P. Roman is the award-winning author of over fifty children’s books. Whether it’s pirates, princesses, or discovering the world around us, her books have enchanted educators, parents, and her diverse audience of children. She hosts a blog radio program called Indie Authors Roundtable and is one of the founders of the magazine, Indie Author’s Monthly. She’s been interviewed twice by Forbes Magazine. Carole has co-authored two self-help books. Navigating Indieworld: A Beginners Guide to Self-Publishing and Marketing with Julie A. Gerber, and Marketing Indieworld with both Julie A. Gerber and Angela Hausman. She published Mindfulness for Kids with J. Robin Albertson-Wren and a new joke book called The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes!
She writes adult fiction under the name Brit Lunden and is currently helping to create an anthology with her mythical town of Bulwark, Georgia with a group of indie authors. She lives on Long Island near her children and grandchildren.

Her series includes:
Captain No Beard
If You Were Me and Lived in– Cultural
If You Were Me and Lived in– Historical
Nursery series
Oh Susannah– Early Reader and coloring book
Mindfulness for Kids with co-author J. Robin Albertson-Wren
The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids; 800 plus Jokes!
Navigating Indieworld– with co-author Julie A. Gerber
Marketing Indieworld- with co-authors Angela Hausman and Julie A. Gerber
Adult Fiction under the pen name Brit Lunden
The Knowing- A Bulwark Anthology

CarolePRoman.com | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Pinterest | Instagram

The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes!, written by Carole P. Roman, was reviewed by Bianca Schulze. Discover more books like The Big Book of Silly Jokes for Kids: 800+ Jokes! by following along with our reviews and articles tagged with , , and .

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