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Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Preschool to Elementary, Ages 4-8


Did you know that you could boost your preschool or elementary child’s intelligence simply by ensuring that reading books is a part of their day-to-day life?


Children's Book Reviews for ages 4 to 8

An abundance of research all points to the same thing: kids that read (or kids that are read to) daily from an early age perform better on their report cards. As children move through the phases of listening to stories, sounding out words, stringing words together to make a sentence, and then, eventually, reading a complete book, they begin to master language, improve communication skills, and their comprehension blossoms. Finding books for kids ages 4-8 is all about connecting your child with books that will peak their individual interests, while also entertaining them so much that they can’t wait to pick up another good book—keeping that healthy reading habit of reading for pleasure, going!

In this section of The Children’s Book Review’s online reading oasis, our reviews and book lists cover a wide variety of subjects: picture books to chapter books, funny books, sports books, biographies, books about dinosaurs, books about ballet, mysteries, and, well, you get the idea—just about any kind of book suitable for kids ages 4-8. Check out these reviews to get started:

Return, by Aaron Becker | Book Review

Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar, by Emily MacKenzie | Book Review

Five Family Favorites with Lauren Wolk, Author of Wolf Hollow

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Books for Ages 4-8

Barry particularly likes nonfiction, and profiling mostly unknown people and events whose stories have never been told in children’s literature. He is the author of The Boo-Boos That Changed the World.

Choosing only five is impossible, but here are some Tara Luebbe's (co-author of I Am Famous) favorite picture books.

Each month, we have fun checking out which kids book series' were the best sellers from our affiliate bookstore. Over the past month, our most popular kids series sold was the 101 Series For Kids (Walter Foster Jr.).

In A Jolly Jingling Journey, readers are introduced to young Davy and his dogs Dahu and Magnus on Christmas Eve.

Xander’s Story, by Alejandro and Christopher Garcia-Halenar, tells the story of how one little boy, Xander, came to be the son of his two loving dads through surrogacy.

For the month of March, 101 Books to Read Before You Grow Up is at the top of our best selling middle grade book list from our affiliate store.

The Children's Book Review | March 9, 2018 Just a few weeks ago, author Jennifer Adams shared a beautiful article with us: Empowering Our Children to Find Strength in Kindness. Topping off the list of best selling picture books from our affiliate store this month is Adams' empowering picture book, I Am a Warrior Goddess.  You'll also find our hand selected titles of the most popular picture books from the nationwide best-selling picture books listed by The New York Times, including Love, written by Matt de la Peña and illustrated by Loren Long. The Children's Book Review's Best Selling Picture Book   I Am A Warrior Goddess Written by Jennifer Adams  Illustrated by Carme Lemniscates Publisher’s Synopsis: She isn’t a princess—she’s a warrior goddess! You don’t have to be a grown-up to be a hero, and I Am a Warrior Goddess shows how in the empowering tale of a little girl with big aspirations. Through the clever play between illustration and text, young readers learn how each day is full of opportunities to make a positive impact with ordinary actions. As our heroine connects with the earth, takes care of her body, and finds strength in kindness, she discovers her inner warrior goddess and inspires young girls everywhere to do the same. Order a Copy

These are books that have achieved “The Book As Art” award in my mind and are inspiring my work right now.

Veera Hiranandani earned her MFA in creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College. She is the author of The Whole Story of Half a Girl, which was named a Sydney Taylor Notable Book and a South Asian Book Award Finalist.

Celebrating the length, diversity and strength of this extraordinary woman’s life, Before She Was Harriet urges readers to remember her humanity as well as her fame.

Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code, a true-life narrative, tells the story of one of the foremost women in computing history and science: Grace Hopper, the woman who revolutionized binary computer code.

POOR LOUIE is a hilariously relatable book for children (and if they could read, pets!). Louie echoes what many children are sure to think as preparations are being made for a new addition.

It’s Raining Elephants is the collective name of Swiss duo Nina Wehrle and Evelyne Laube, who founded their own illustration studio in 2008. They have created several children’s books.

We have 10 excellent new release picture books to share with you this month.

8 New Middle Grade Books for Ages 8-12 (and Beyond): We’ve picked 8 middle grade books that we think are some of the best new books for preteens and tweens that release during the month of February.

April Stevens, author of The Heart and Mind of Frances Pauley, selected these five family favorites.

You don’t have to be a grown-up to be a hero, and I Am a Warrior Goddess shows how in the empowering tale of a little girl with big aspirations.

Written by the award-winning author of The One and Only Ivan, Katherine Applegate, Wishtree is an inspiring tale of kindness and tolerance told from the perspective of a wise, old red oak tree (216 rings old).

Fun to read purely for entertainment, these books would also be wonderful as the focus for classroom projects and activities.

Dashka Slater’s story is a Narnia-esque masterpiece for children. The Antlered Ship is an excellent introduction for little readers to the worlds of fantasy and adventure.