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Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Preschool to Elementary, Ages 4-8


Did you know that you could boost your preschool or elementary child’s intelligence simply by ensuring that reading books is a part of their day-to-day life?


Children's Book Reviews for ages 4 to 8

An abundance of research all points to the same thing: kids that read (or kids that are read to) daily from an early age perform better on their report cards. As children move through the phases of listening to stories, sounding out words, stringing words together to make a sentence, and then, eventually, reading a complete book, they begin to master language, improve communication skills, and their comprehension blossoms. Finding books for kids ages 4-8 is all about connecting your child with books that will peak their individual interests, while also entertaining them so much that they can’t wait to pick up another good book—keeping that healthy reading habit of reading for pleasure, going!

In this section of The Children’s Book Review’s online reading oasis, our reviews and book lists cover a wide variety of subjects: picture books to chapter books, funny books, sports books, biographies, books about dinosaurs, books about ballet, mysteries, and, well, you get the idea—just about any kind of book suitable for kids ages 4-8. Check out these reviews to get started:

Return, by Aaron Becker | Book Review

Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar, by Emily MacKenzie | Book Review

Five Family Favorites with Lauren Wolk, Author of Wolf Hollow

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Books for Ages 4-8

The stories in It’s Okay! provide neat illustrations of mindfulness concepts and give young readers concrete examples of how to manage their emotions in different scenarios.

Book of Bones, by Gabrielle Balkan, is engaging, fun, and different – great as a gift or for the classroom.

We’ve picked 13 middle grade books that we think are some of the best new books for preteens and tweens that released during the month of May.

We have selected 13 excellent picture books as the best of May.

Here are 8 new must-have board books. These are the titles we feel represent the best of May 2018. Ready. Set. Read!

Selected as one of the best new picture books in March 2017, Peter H. Reynold's Happy Dreamer is this month's best selling picture book from our affiliate store.

You will find a few of our favorite coloring books that feature quality paper, great designs, and some beloved characters from some very treasured books

Brimming with humor and action, Chris Rylander's The Legend of Greg turns dwarf lore on its head, delivering an adventure readers won't be able to resist.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, by J.K. Rowling, is not to be missed by any reader, young or old.

Here are five of Julie Falatko's favorites, with apologies to all of her other favorites.

Nothing beats a good series when you have an avid reader on your hands! Each month, we have fun checking out which kids book series' were the best sellers from our affiliate bookstore.

The Fly with One Eye is a picture book that shows how one fly finds a sense of belonging by discovering a place in his community.

A select group of outstanding board books geared toward toddlers.

 For every kid who's ever come in second place, this is a middle grade story about chasing your dreams.

The Big Sticker Book of Beasts and The Big Sticker Book of Bugs are two wonderfully enjoyable books perfect for the classroom or at home. 

My First Book of My Body blends complex facts with engaging activities.

It’s Not Jack and the Beanstalk, written by Josh Funk and illustrated by Edwardian Taylor, makes a fantastic addition to any child’s library. Highly recommended.

Samantha Berger's Snail Mail is a playful and educational story. Kids and parents alike will delight in this celebration of America's beauty and the power of a simple handwritten letter.

This is a well-composed volume which is sure to bring pleasure to readers both young and old.  

Read, Read, and Read is an uplifting story of a young girl, Liv, and the satisfying wonders of books.