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Book Reviews and Recommendations:

Preschool to Elementary, Ages 4-8


Did you know that you could boost your preschool or elementary child’s intelligence simply by ensuring that reading books is a part of their day-to-day life?


Children's Book Reviews for ages 4 to 8

An abundance of research all points to the same thing: kids that read (or kids that are read to) daily from an early age perform better on their report cards. As children move through the phases of listening to stories, sounding out words, stringing words together to make a sentence, and then, eventually, reading a complete book, they begin to master language, improve communication skills, and their comprehension blossoms. Finding books for kids ages 4-8 is all about connecting your child with books that will peak their individual interests, while also entertaining them so much that they can’t wait to pick up another good book—keeping that healthy reading habit of reading for pleasure, going!

In this section of The Children’s Book Review’s online reading oasis, our reviews and book lists cover a wide variety of subjects: picture books to chapter books, funny books, sports books, biographies, books about dinosaurs, books about ballet, mysteries, and, well, you get the idea—just about any kind of book suitable for kids ages 4-8. Check out these reviews to get started:

Return, by Aaron Becker | Book Review

Wanted! Ralfy Rabbit, Book Burglar, by Emily MacKenzie | Book Review

Five Family Favorites with Lauren Wolk, Author of Wolf Hollow

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Books for Ages 4-8

Five stories that call upon humor to work through pain. The degree of tragedy varies, but laughter lifts the heaviness every time.

Each with their own set of fitting bedtime story qualities, here are five fantastic picture books for sweet dreamers and curious explorers.

Find out what inspired Justine Avery to write sweet picture book What Wonders Do You See … When You Dream?

Justine Avery is the author of many books for kids and adults, and she is undoubtedly on a roll (pun intended) with this picture book addition.

I am an English Language Learner promotes cultural inclusivity, celebrates diversity, and encourages empathy.

Melissa Campesi tells us how her experience as an ESL teacher inspired her to write I Am An English-Language Learner.

This book details the courage it takes to not only learn a second language but to also assimilate into a new country.

Peppa, everyone’s favorite British pig, celebrates her birthday and is ready to play magnets with preschoolers everywhere.

From book reviews and lists for all ages to literacy tips and book giveaways, here are the top ten list of kids books and literacy articles that have been trending on The Children's Book Review . . .

We're happy to see Lupita Nyong'o's new picture book, Sulwe, on the bestsellers list.

We explore colonial America, togetherness, farming, and gratitude. Go forth and feast on these five titles. You can thank us later!

Possibly the best part about ReadingIQ is that you can have up to three kids per account and—drum roll—you can try it for free for 30 days.

From the bestselling author and illustrator team behind the GROWING HEARTS series comes a book about appreciation, gratefulness, and sharing.

Do you have a kid who is totally obsessed with sharks? This kit makes the perfect gift and could also be enjoyed in a classroom station setting.

The following five books are all centered around Buddhist teachings of lovingkindness, friendship, peace, acceptance, self-reflection, and happiness.

here's a sample routine that you can tweak and make your own, along with some books you can use to help create it and enable your kids to own it and enjoy their personalized routine.

Jessika von Innerebner, author-illustrator of Kevin the Unicorn: It’s Not All Rainbows, teaches us how to draw the fabulous Kevin—a unicorn who now knows that not every day has to be perfect.

Great for reading in October and beyond, the books on this list span all ages and range from fun to freaky. You'll find stories about monsters, pumpkins, skeletons, pirates, witches, ghosts, and more, for toddlers through teens and everyone in between.

Which five words best describe Pippa’s Night Parade? Lisa Robinson: Imagination-Creativity-Monsters-Books-Fashion

Author-Illustrator Bethan Woollvin is back with her third hilariously twisted fairy tale: HANSEL & GRETEL.