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Cassie is a Youth Services librarian at a public library in southern New Jersey. She adores her home state and is thrilled to serve its residents through both traditional and innovative programming and collections. Her favorite dewey range is 500-699.999 and you can find her tweeting occasionally at @CassieLovesNJ.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you know what that means: time to read some love stories! Here are just a few selections with which you’re sure to fall in love. So snuggle up with your favorite little reader and share a good laugh, a cuddle, and a whole lotta love.

It’s the day of the Pink Girls Pink-nic and Mama has come down with the chickenpox (or something of the likes). Daddy steps in to save the day, but how can a dad go to a “Pink-nic?” Boys do not wear pink—right?