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By Nicki RichesinThe Children’s Book Review
Published: November 13, 2012

Oliver JeffersPhoto credit: Erika Hokanson

Oliver Jeffers describes himself as “a maker of art,” but he’s really much more than this. He’s kind of a genius Jack of all trades. He’s an extraordinary painter, designer, and author of many award-winning picture books including most recently The New Sweater and Stuck. His latest picture book This Moose Belongs to Me concerns the trials and tribulations with ownership, antlers, and the rules of being a good pet. Oliver has also just released a monograph of his paintings cheekily entitled Neither Here Nor There. We’re honored to feature his thoughts on writing, illustrating, and bookmaking in The Children’s Book Review.

How do we teach compassion?

By Luisa LaFleur, The Children’s Book Review
Published: February , 2012

Kids can be mean. Sometimes our kids are on the receiving end of the taunts and name-calling and that’s hard to deal with. But other times our kids are on the giving end and that’s even harder to deal with. Teaching children to be compassionate—to understand someone else’s suffering and to try and alleviate that suffering—is not easy. A key first step is to get children to understand that mean actions—teasing, name-calling and the like—can be hurtful. Here are a few books that can help impart the message that being kind to one another is essential and that the golden rule is paramount.

By Nicki Richesin, The Children’s Book Review
Published: May 24, 2012

I love the nostalgia of rediscovering books with my daughter I had nearly forgotten from my childhood. I remember her exact expressions (of laughter or surprise) as I read about Ferdinand as he’s stung by a bee; baby ducks strut across a busy Boston street in Make Way for Ducklings; and when Madeline proudly displays her appendix scar to her friends and poor Miss Clavel.  I think you’ll find these classic books recently reissued will enchant the next generation of kids too.