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By Kristina Springer, for The Children’s Book Review
Published: December 26, 2009

Photo: Kristina Springer

Kristinaspringer Book ideas pop into my head ALL the time. And really, anything and everything can prompt them. My first book, THE ESPRESSOLOGIST, is about a barista at a Chicago coffee shop who discovers this talent to matchmake people based on their regular coffee drinks. People are always asking me, how the heck did you come up with that? And really, it just hit me one day when I was sitting in the local Starbucks. I was on a date with my husband and I was watching people come in and out of the coffee shop. I realized I could sort of tell what people were going to order. Like, that guy is totally a vanilla latte and that girl is such a caramel frappuccino. At first I thought I’d write a guide to drinks and the type of people who drink them and then I thought no, I’ll have a coffee barista keep a notebook of this and matchmake people based on it.