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The Legend of Atticus Rex: Book 1: The Amulet – Dedicated Review

Dedicated Review

By Bianca SchulzeThe Children’s Book Review
Published: November 29, 2012

The Legend of Atticus Rex: Book 1: The Amulet

By Philppe de Vosjoli; illustrated by Santiago Iborra

Reading level: Ages 8 and up

Hardcover: 136 pages

Publisher: Advanced Visions Inc.; First edition (November 19, 2012)

What to expect: Fantasy, Family, Fears, Dogs

Where the Underworld meets this world— in a place where shadows lurk— good is forced to fight evil. Set in Roman Times, a young boy and his canine companion fight to bring safety to their family and fellow village people.

Like many children, Gabriel, the story’s young protagonist, has a fear of shadows. “Gabriel was in bed, lying perfectly still on his side, covered with blankets from head to toe. He focused on breathing quietly to avoid drawing the attention of the shadow beings.” When Gabriel is given permission to venture through the Crimson Forest with his Roman soldier father, Marcus, and their loyal pet, Nero, his fear of nighttime shadows becomes a reality. Forced to fight the Volgoths, sinister shadow creatures from another world, Gabriel and Marcus discover Nero’s connection to the Great Spirit Dog, Atticus Rex, who has the ability to vanquish the shadow creatures. A special keepsake the family has possessed for a long time, the Atticus Rex Amulet, turns out to be the key for summoning the Great Spirit Dog when darkness falls and the Volgoths come near. The combination of bravery and the protection that the amulet offers helps Gabriel to overcome his fear. Author Philppe de Vosjoli has well imagined his Roman setting and the imaginary creatures that exist in the worlds he has created in the first book of his trilogy, The Legend of Atticus Rex—Iborra’s rich color illustrations add depth too, along with the detachable Atticus Rex Amulet that can be removed from the intriguing book cover.

This is a daring page-turner for readers that are feeling brave and ready for a dark adventure—especially boys ages 8 and up.

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  • I recived my copy of this book… which was given to me by the mother of my son’s friend (both of whom are 9 years old). She told me that it was wonderful to finally find a book for children that is not steeped in Judeo/christian dogma, and still maintain a solid moral base.

    That night my son and I sat together and began the amazing journey of a father and his son. But more importantly a boy and his dog, and his spirit protecter. It was not even 1/2 way through the book that my son ripped the amulet from the cover (which thankfully is removable) and held it tightly in his hands with anticipation – hanging on ever word.

    If you liked The Northern Lights (UK title) /The Golden Compass (US title) by Philip Pullman you will absolutely love this book! The author defiantly made and effort to write in a style that is much easier for the slightly younger audience, and it pays off in spades as my son is not stopping me every 3 sentences to explain “what does that mean daddy” haha.

    I can’t say enough good things about this book! Its the perfect father son bonding story (and need I say wonderful father / son time) My Son’s mother was write on target. Its refreshing to have a well wrote story that harks back to a more magical time in human history when morality was taught with pegan ideals of spirituality. I hate having my son boxed in with the notion of Abrahamic moral dogma.

    Maybe its my Celtic background. Maybe its my desire to see my Sons eyes grow big and bright with the thought of his very own spirit power animal protecter. or the fact that our 4 year old Black Labrador named Baba now has that silly amulet hanging from his collar. or maybe its all these things, that this book has brought to me and my son…..Thank you Philipe de Vosjoli! I cant wait for another book, and some more well spent time with my Son….and of course my sons new spirit guide Baba Rex HAHA

    I give this book a 10 out of 10!!!! and will pass it along to my friends at the next PTA meeting!

    Cheers and happy reading,

    December 3, 2012

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