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Oui Oui Gigi Nuggies

Oui Oui Gigi: Nuggies: Volume 4, by Jeff Minich | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Jeff Minich
The Children’s Book Review | June 7, 2016

Oui Oui Gigi NuggiesOui Oui Gigi: Nuggies: Volume 4

Written by

Illustrated by Renan Garcia

Hardcover: 34 pages

Age Range: 3-6

Publisher: Nuggies Inc.

ISBN-13: 978-0-9968115-0-7

What to expect: Animals, Adventure, Paris

What’s more adorable than two cute puppies? Two cute puppies lost in Paris! Chomper and Coco are two lucky dogs that get to fly to the city of light—Paris. Their Daddy takes them on a cab ride past cafés, shops, palaces and other scenery that leaves them awestruck. Then, while their Daddy checks them in to the hotel, the cab driver pulls away!

Terrified of getting lost, Chomper and Coco work together to escape their crates and land squarely in the driver’s seat, and the driver brings the car to a screeching halt. The dogs hop out of the car and find that they are lost in Paris. It may be beautiful, but it sure is scary without their Daddy.

When a frightening dog catcher spots them, they run into a new friend who offers to hide them. Her name is Gigi, and she’s a fabulous Parisienne pup who knows her way around a neck scarf. She offers them fancy new clothes, great local cheese and a place to stay until morning. Chomper and Coco bed down for the night with Gigi, confident that tomorrow they will find their beloved Daddy. She says she knows exactly where he is staying: near the Louvre Museum.

Adventures around Paris ensue, but don’t worry. Chomper and Coco find their Daddy again, thanks to the surprising help of the dog catcher.

This is a great book for children ages 3-6. The illustrations are outstanding. They are cute, accessible, and take you right to Paris at a dog’s level. The art is eye-catchingly good, with realistic but sweet scenes. The story itself features moderate rhyming and words en Français (in French!). Children will delight in learning and repeating French words over and over (Oui Oui, Gigi!). Readers will enjoy all of the local sights shown in the book, including the Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and more. The author easily blends the story with educational topics while keeping the reader engaged.

This would be a great book for children learning about world culture, or preparing for a trip abroad to France. Highly recommended.

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About the Author

Jeff Minich is a writer, technologist, and life-long dog lover. Jeff is passionate about introducing children to the joy of reading. His Nuggies illustrated children’s book series is based on life-lessons as learned through the experience of some of his favorite canine friends. Jeff currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with his two favorite Nuggies.

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