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Bedtime for Buzzy, by T.J Hackworth | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by T.J Hackworth
The Children’s Book Review | October 23, 2016

bedtime-for-buzzyBedtime for Buzzy

Written by T.J Hackworth

Illustrated by Sean Baptist

Age Range: 2 and up

Hardcover: 28

Publisher: Downtown Brown Ventures (February 8, 2017)

ISBN: 978-09977397-0-7

What to expect: Toys, bedtime

Buzzy doesn’t want to go to bed. He’s having too much fun playing with all of his toys. His dad calls out, “Buzzy, it’s time for bed!” – and that’s when the adventure begins. Buzzy’s toys will understand his need for adventure…won’t they?


Buzzy goes to Moon Man, the astronaut, who is ready to explore outer space, just like Buzzy. But Moon Man feels a wave of sleepiness come over him, and he crawls onto his space hammock for a good sleep. Buzzy goes to his next toy friend, Captain Pirate. Surely this ravenous ravager of the seven seas will agree with Buzzy, that bedtime is no fun and it’s really time to play? No such luck! Captain Pirate and his Pirate Crew all lay down in the warm sand for a nice snooze.

Eventually Buzzy realizes that he’s actually a little tired too, and if he sleeps, he’ll have more energy for all of his adventures tomorrow. This time, when Daddy asks if he’s ready for bed, Buzzy is ready. After all, only in his dreams can the real adventures begin!


Bedtime for Buzzy is a sweet story about a wee one who does not want to go to bed. As this is a topic that every parent is familiar with, Buzzy is a fun way to show kids that it’s okay to go to sleep. Even your toys need rest! The illustrations are sweet and the words are simple and easy on the ears before bed. Although the reader never actually sees Buzzy, the star of the story, the tale is told from his perspective and through his eyes. Readers will see what he sees, experiencing his toys and his adventures from his singular point of view. What a fun and inclusive idea! Now all kids can imagine themselves as Buzzy. And with children’s books it’s always nice when little ones can identify with the main character wholly and completely.

Recommended for children two and up who do not want to go to bed.

For more information or to purchase, visit: bedtimeforbuzzy.com

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About the Author

T.J. Hackworth

T.J. Hackworth

T.J. Hackworth is a writer of short stories and children’s fiction.  His work has appeared recently in the Wisconsin Review. He lives in (where else?) Brooklyn, New York with his wife and daughter. And he never has trouble going to bed.

About the Illustrator

Sean Baptist

Sean Baptist

Sean Baptist is a freelance illustrator with numerous publications featuring his art, design, and illustration over the last decade. He studied illustration at Northern Michigan University. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.  And he sometimes has trouble going to bed when he should.

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