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Sashi Adopts a Brother, by Linda Greiner | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Linda Greiner
The Children’s Book Review | December 1, 2016

sashi-adopts-a-brother-by-linda-greinerSashi Adopts a Brother

Written by Linda Greiner

Illustrated by Morgan Spicer

Age Range: 5 – 8 years

Hardcover: 40 pages

Publisher: Brown Books Kids

ISBN: 978-1612548562

What to expect: Dogs, Pet Adoption, Foster Care

Sashi Adopts a Brother is a delightful story about a Shetland Sheepdog – also known as a Sheltie – and her family’s adoption of another Sheltie. The story begins by introducing us to Sashi, herself a rescue dog. After her family’s experience adopting her, they decide to help foster other Shelties like Sashi as they begin their journey to find their forever homes.

Sashi’s family fosters a series of other Shelties. The story helps readers understand the experience of being a foster family for dogs, and the challenges faced by foster families and their dogs. As the story progresses, each foster dog is introduced with his or her story of how they came to Sashi’s family:

“The next foster was Sammie. His owner had allergies and sneezed every time Sammie was in the Room. The doctor said Sammie would have to go.”

Along the way, Sashi, a sweet and loveable main character, teaches these dogs some of her tricks, and also learns new things from them. Each of the foster dogs finds an adoptive family, until Buddy comes along. Buddy has a hard time connecting with other adoptive families, and eventually charms his foster family enough for them to adopt him. Sashi is delighted to have another dog to play with and to join her family.

Linda Greiner’s book gives readers a wonderful education on the Sheltie breed, explaining the traits that make Shelties special, and what potential families should consider if thinking of adopting one. Morgan Spicer’s illustrations are colorful and engaging, showing the personalities of the dogs throughout the stories.

Young readers will learn about the importance of being a foster family and helping dogs on their way to finding their forever home. The book is well suited for young readers and families interested in Shelties, fostering, or just reading an uplifting story about animals.


Mom’s Choice Gold Award, August 2015

USA Best Book AwardsFinalist, November 2015

Purple Dragonfly Award, Honorable Mention, June 2016

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Book Trailer

About the Author

Linda Greiner with Sashi and Buddy

Linda Greiner with Sashi and Buddy

Linda Greiner fell in love with Shelties when doing research on what type of dog to get for her sixteenth birthday. Many years later, instead of purchasing another puppy, she decided to contact the Shetland Sheepdog Placement Services of New Jersey (SSPSNJ) and adopted Sashi in 2001. Hoping to find a suitable brother or sister for ”the princess,” Linda started fostering for SSPSNJ in 2003. Each dog has had a tale to tell. She is currently working on her third book in the series about Sashi and the rescues they have known and loved. A portion of sales proceeds from Sashi, the Scared Little Sheltie and Sashi Adopts a Brother are being donated to Sheltie Rescue.

Read our exclusive interview: Linda Greiner Discusses Sashi And The Puppy Mill Girl

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About the Illustrator

Morgan Spicer

Morgan Spicer with Curly Tail Crew

Morgan Spicer is an illustrator, character/concept designer and the Founder of Bark Point Studio.  She has illustrated 13 Children’s Books since she graduated from Syracuse University’s Illustration Program in 2012. Morgan Spicer has created over 2,500 custom illustrations (previously called caricatures) with a percentage of a lot of her commissions going to local and international Animal Rescue Groups that she has partnered with.  Morgan Spicer’s first book to be published, Sashi The Scared Little Sheltie is a successful 3-part series, now available with a percentage of sales to benefit Sheltie Rescue. She lives with her Curly Tail Crew—three rescue pups that inspire he everyday.

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