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3 Books for Beginner Readers Developed by Reading Specialists

3 Books for Beginner Readers Developed by Reading Specialists

The Children’s Book Review | January 21, 2016

These exciting books are a great way to read and interact with your child. The WE BOTH READ series of books encourages parents to read with their children by creating fun stories that ask little readers’ questions.

What to expect: Learning, interaction, math reading and rhyming skills

Can You Find? (We Both Read - Level Pk-K)Can You Find? An ABC Book

Written by Sindy McKay

Illustrated by Matt Loveridge

In CAN YOU FIND? AN ABC BOOK, parents will read each page, which have a series of questions, including pointing to pictures that start with certain sounds and finding printed letters. This is great for pre-readers who are learning sounds and letters, and how they correspond together. The illustrations are adorable and children will delight in pointing to the cute crocodiles and funny camels. This book is a welcome reprieve from simple alphabet books, which can become tiresome. A fun new twist on the ABC’s!

Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Treasure Bay | 2015 | ISBN-13: 978-1-60115-279-4

How Many? (We Both Read - Level Pk-K)How Many? A Counting Book

Written by D.J. Panec

In HOW MANY? A COUNTING BOOK, parents will lead children through progressively harder questions. How many children are watching the adults? How many different kinds of fish are there? How many children have blue shorts on? How is the little girl in the red hat feeling? The illustrations are detailed enough that children can get a sense of how the children are feeling and interacting with each other. I appreciated how it wasn’t just about the numbers, but also the situations and emotions of different children. This book was very well-rounded.

Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Treasure Bay | 2016 | ISBN-13: 978-1-60115-279-4

Riddle Rhymes (We Both Read - Level Pk-K)Riddle Rhymes

Written by D.J. Panec

RIDDLE RHYMES is a more relaxed question and answer book. What swims in the sea and rhymes with squish? Fish! With fun pictures for each question, children will be excited to yell out the answers. The book is full of critical thinking questions, and engages children very well.

Ages 4-8 | Publisher: Treasure Bay | 2016 | 978-1601152770

Overall the series is delightful for preschoolers and kindergartners. It makes reading, math and critical thinking skills fun to work on in a low-stress way. The illustrations and pictures are top-notch. According to the publisher, the books align with common core standards and were developed by reading specialists. My daughter really enjoyed reading and interacting with me for each of these books. They would also be a great way to get reluctant readers to participate – most children can’t resist calling out answers they see!

Highly recommended.

The WE BOTH READ series was reviewed by Denise Mealy. Discover more books like the WE BOTH READ series by following along with our reviews and articles tagged with  and 

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