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Tinko, by Matt Waters Dedicated Review

Tinko, by Matt Waters | Dedicated Review

Review sponsored by Matt Waters
The Children’s Book Review | March 10, 2017

Tinko By Matt WatersTinko

Written by Matt Waters

Illustrated by Maheen Sana

Age Range: 3-8

Paperback: 24 pages

Publisher: Matt Waters Books

ISBN: 978-0692810057

What to expect: Christianity, Family

Tinko is a wild-haired little boy with a lot of questions – can Mama answer them all?

Tinko wakes up in his small cabin in the snowy wood to help his Mama and Papa. He gathers flour, sugar, salt and baking powder. Soon his parents will bring in milk and eggs, and together he and Mama will make pancakes (bliny).

While Mama mixes the ingredients together and cooks, Tinko begins to ask question after question. Who holds the stars up in the sky? Who made the goat and the deer? Why do the trees grow up to the clouds? Like most children, Tinko has more questions than answers. But his Mama is quick with kindness and wisdom, explaining that God created all things for a purpose, just like he did with her, with Papa, and with little Tinko. She uses the bowl of pancake batter as an example. “This bowl holds many ingredients that have been put together for a purpose.”

Tinko learns that he has a greater purpose, and that is to be inquisitive, caring and to be loved.


“Yes, Tinko?”

“I’m happy your purpose is to love me.”

This is a sweet book with greater religious overtones to explain the hows and the whys of life. The writing is calming and soothing, and Tinko is wonderfully curious. Like all little boys and girls, he wants to know everything he possibly can! Each page also features a bible verse that corresponds to the message on the page, which is a great conversation starter. Although there wasn’t a conflict to resolve in this story, it remains a good fit for readers that are looking for a feel-good tale.

The illustrations are sweet, simple and fanciful. Tinko’s imagination is brought to life by Maheen Sana’s illustrations of starry woods indoors or curious deer near the kitchen table. There are hidden Ichthys’ (Christian fish symbols) on each page.

This would be an excellent addition to a religious school or church collection, or as a gift for a religious Christian family. Tinko is adorable, and sure to become a childhood favorite.

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About the Author

Matt Waters

Matt Waters is a corporate marketing executive with a passion for positive messages that encourage people of all ages. He is a father to three creative children who were all born with great purpose. He and his wife, Nicole, live in Central Florida where their family attends Real Life Church.

About the Illustrator

Maheen Sana is an illustrator, graphic designer, and a sketch artist. She has illustrated for several books including Zendar: A Tale of Blood and Sand, Tilly McAnilly and the Rockpool Adventure and a Dynamite Christmas.

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